x1 xperia successfully change language from chinesse to english …guide inside

problem with Chinese language? yes we made this solution for you just follow under


cable used: usb cable

Step 1 (Preparations)

Download and install .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
If you are using Vista, install the Mobile Device Center 6.1
Set up the Active Sync (active sync 4.5 for XP) / Mobile Device Center (Vista) connection with your X1
– Charge the battery to at least 50% or more
– (Re)Connect the X1
– Run X1_HardSPL.exe
– Follow the instructions (it should say something like “Image Version:” to “1.00.X1”)
– If asked, press “Yes” on the X1
– Now a 4-color screen should show up, showing some version Info
– After that, a progress bar screen will be shown and the phone will reboot when finished
– Click “Finish” on the PC
– If you want to check if everything went fine, turn the device off (long power button press), then hold the “volume down” button and turn the device on again, still holding the “volume down” button until the 4-color screen shows up. It should read something like:
– Remove and reinsert the battery to exit bootloader mode

Step 2 (Flashing ROMs)

download this first(english rom without debranding):

software for flashing ROMs (HardSPL & NBHUtil)

Before you start you have to -obviously- download and extract the ROM you want to flash. The file should be named *.image or *.nbh. Before you follow the steps, rename that file to Kovsimg.nbh.

– Format a MicroSD card with FAT32 if not yet done
– Copy the Kovsimg.nbh into the root directory of your MicroSD card and insert the card in your phone
– Turn off the phone (USB cable not attached)
– Remove and reinsert the battery
– Hold the volume down button and turn the device on again, still holding both buttons until the 4-color screen shows up.
– Follow the onscreen instructions

Congratulations. You’re done.

screen shot:



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