GPGDragon box Ver2.13

GPGDragon setup Ver2.13 

MTK 625262506251 Support More New Flash
 Add new Boot 5.1148 For MTK
 Support New Flash (2MB 4MB 16MB)
SF_N25W64 SF_GD27Q64
any more
SPD 6610/20 add Support GIGA Flash Support
 ALL Chip Add New Flash Memory
 add SPD Format Function (now it will Support 98% safe Format)
 Fix SPD SC6600L2 and SC6600L7 Bugs
 Fix MTK 6252 Flash Error
 MTK 6252 IMEI rebuild improvement
 important: Some MTK Format or Flash after Mobile Tip “IMEI invalid” Like J5000+ ,so don’t forget before ReadBack NV first 

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