Infinity Box Nokia [ BEST ] 1.45

Infinity Box Nokia [ BEST ] 1.45 box update

Whats new in BEST 1.45

– USB flashing improved
– Fixed ancient flashing bugs with some old RAPIDO/Rap3
– MeeGo flashing improved (Version check, Wipe functions)
– AfterFlash operations improved

– Service oprations improved
– Skip RSA check added
– (Restore SL) SimLock extraction improved
– Added support for new types
– ID info extraction improved
– SPR reading improved
– WriteRPL improved (PC update, AutoRecovery from backup)
– XG213 RPL saving now same, as BB5
*.rpl – full , *_sim.rpl – simlock only , *_crt.rpl – npc/hwc/ccc only
– RAP3 LowFormat (Repair blinking phones without lost PhoneBook) revised
– Flash Erase option revised
– Added backup checking (if RPL backup not exist, phone will not be erased)
– Added Skip Backup Check (Ignore missing RPL during erase)

– User Data operation improved
– DCT4+ SMS extraction improved

– Other

– INI updated and revised
– RSA check improved (added new models)
– Updated stuff files (pc base, tune, rpl, wipe files)
– Couple of bugfixes and changes

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