BEST v1.50

BEST v1.50 Free/Standalone SL3/SL30 SimLock Recovery and more
Hi all, new version of BB5 Easy Service Tool is ready!

BEST v1.50 Free/Standalone SL3/SL30 SimLock Recovery and more!

– USB flashing improved – (WP) Lumia flashing improved
 – Service operations improved
 – SL3 SImlock Extraction/Recovery now Free and Standalone!
 sl : Added support for new types sl : SimLock verify improved
 sl : SPR reading improved
 sl : some old rapido extraction was broken since from v1.46, fixed
 sl : SimLockCode extraction improved
 sl : Speed up of extraction
 sl : SimLock complete improved in some damage cases
 sl : Save SimLock in RPL and PM formats – User Data operations improved
 – SMS extraction from S60vX/S^3/Anna/Belle improved
 – Other – Some bugfixes – Ini updated

SL3/SL30 Simlock Recovery notes :
No need much words and explains,
just : 1 button, no levels, no worries, no waiting, no credits, no internet, not depend on repartition.
Time to extract : 5-30 seconds.
And It just work as should


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