ATF Lumia TP Unlock V9.10

ATF Lumia TP Unlock 9.10 Update!! 14 Sep 2012!!
Firmware Version Required : 10.3.30

Introducing The ATF Lumia Test Point Module v1.0

* Repair DEAD BOOT Lumia 800 Phones killed by Windows “Format Disk”
* Repair DEAD BOOT Lumia 710 Phones killed by Windows “Format Disk”
* Repair DEAD BOOT Lumias Killed by other methods
* Direct Write of SEC_BOOT, OSBL, QBOOT and AMSS Images
* Direct Write of QUALCOMM Unlocked OSBL to Lumia 800
* SP Unlock ANY Lumia 710 and 800 version and OSBL Type (QCOM or DLOAD)
* Cross-Flash 800C and 610C into 800 and 610 Variants to accept non RUIM Cards
* Supports Lumia 610, 610C, 710, 800, 800C and 900 (First Generation Lumias)

Introducing The ATF iOS Service Request Module

* Only Available to ATF Network Users
* Uses ATF iCredits
* Can Request and Retrieve iDevice IMEI Network Information with 1 CLICK
* Can Request Network SIM Unlock for Specific Networks
* Can Request IMEI Un-Barring Request for Specific Networks

Introducing The New LogiCore 10.3.30 Firmware for ATF Chrome, ATF Lightning and Nitro Boxes

* Added Support for Lumia Test Point Connections


For SIMLOCK Recovery Level 3, This New Update 9.10 will NOT be able to
use your old SL3 BF Credits for SRP File Uploading. It will be using
the New Simlock Recovery Credits (SRP Credits).

If you want to continue using your SL3 BF Credits to upload SRP Files,
then you are given 2 weeks to use it with the older ATF exe (9.02 and
lower). Starting October 2012, we will NO LONGER accept SRP File Uploads
using SL3 BF Credits.

User Requested Change Log:

*Show Variant Certificate Information during RPL Backup

*Skip Flash File Checksum Verification in Expert Settings added

*Fixed Generation Tab Switching (Infineon to DCT4)
#Pasha T.


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