PolarBox Update v304

Polar Suite Update v3.0.4
Panda Suite Update v1.6.2
SAT Tool Update v1.4.3

Alcatel & Vodafone phones (MTK platform)

SFR 101
Vodafone 551
Vodafone 570
Vodafone 670
Vodafone 770

[+] Read Codes functions added for this models
[+] Full extended READ CODES (5 levels added)
[+] TOTALLY all providers supported !!
[+] Write function (Firmware, Language and Eeprom backup)
[+] Change language (via Flashing)
[+] Repair function (via Flashing)
[+] Reset Usercode (via Flashing)
[+] Working with baudrate up to 921.600bds

Another Alcatel features / fixments added :

[+] Added support for new FlashICs (Alcatel OT-803)
[+] Fixed and improved other minor bugs

Samsung phones (different platforms)

Samsung S3853

[+] Added READ CODES (all simlock codes)
[+] Added READ / RESET USERCODE function

Samsung E1050W
Samsung E1085F
Samsung E1153i
[+] Added DIRECT UNLOCK process

Another Samsung features / fixments added :

[+] Fixed bug in Samsung E215L
[+] Detected and added support for new versions of Samsung B5510
[+] Added support +2 firmware versions in Samsung S5570 and S5830
[+] Fixed and improved other minor bugs

Other important models and features added

[+] Added support for Huawei G6 (Code calculation)
[+] Added support for Pantech P9070 (Code calculation)
[+] Added support for Blackberry 9790
[+] Fixed bug in Vodafone K3765Z and other similars (port detection)
[+] Improved comport detection in Huawei V720 model


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