Samsung i9300 how to imei repair

Samsung Galaxy S3(i9300) imei repair done with asansam dongle lets follow under instructions.

Prepairing …OK
Device Found!
Reading Phone Informations …

Model : GT-I9300
Android Version : 4.1.1
PDA Version : I9300UBDLJ2
CS Version : I9300UWADLJ1
Phone Version : I9300UBDLI2
Searching For Phone Modem …OK
Reading Phone Modem …OK
Patching Modem …OK
Also Saved in “C:ASANSAM2DATALoadersPatchesI9300UBDLI2. bin”
Disabling Security …Done!
Rebooting… OK!

Now Remove USB Cable then Insert Micro UART Cable to Phone to Continue..

Delay 40 Seconds…
Searching for phone on COM132 … Phone Found
Reading Data from phone…
Model : GT-I9300
S/W Version : I9300UBDLJ2
Unique ID : CVTF1283F77D87F
Memory ID : –
IMEI : 35401705129818
MSL Addr : RV1C954FS3

Verifying MSL … OK
Bypassing MSL … OK
Writing IMEI … OK
Reset Done!
Operation Completed
Operation Time: 00:01:19

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