BEST v1.60 released & download

– USB flashing improved
– Some minor improvements in Tablet and WP8x engines

– Service operations improved
– RPL operations revised

– WP8x read info revised
– Now shows full simlock info , if phone sim-locked or rebranded

– Simlock Recovery improved
SLrec : Revised SimLock extraction
SLrec : Revised SimLock checking during extraction
SLrec : Improved SimLock codes extraction
SLrec : Added Simlock Info during extraction (only if phone locked)
SLrec : Slow extraction method added
SLrec : Extraction progress added
SLrec : Some minor changes

– User Data operations improved
– S40 : Improved Notes extraction from phone
– S40 : Improved PhoneBook extraction from phone (All latest S40 phones tested)
– S40 : Improved cross-writing phonebook and sms between platfroms
– FullFlash : S60F: Improved data accuracy

– Other
– Ini revised and updated
Ini : Added new XG213, WP8 , WP7 products
– BB5 “skip downgrade check” renamed to “Downgrade check”
– RSA check improved (added all latest models)
– Improved FFU languages detection (WP8x)
– Product path settings now applied immideatly
– Stuff files updated
– Some bug fixes and improvements at all


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