How to unlock pattern many attempts and Factory reset for Samsung Smartphones

Here you learn about how to unlock/skip patter lock, How to factory reset Samsung phones by using Samsolution tool (samsolution.exe).Here listed some model no. or don’t want to select any model while your require model not available here, but you want phone select port. don’t worry your phone will be repair without select model. lets follow few easy skills to repair pattern many attempts / factory reset Samsung smartphones.
Open samsolution.exe
samsolution.exe, Samsung tool
1. Connect Your Device To PC
2. Open Samsolution.exe ( ! Not require to select Model Listed/ Don’t Select Model Listed )
3. Click to Search Ports Button
4. Select COM port of your Device from above Drop down List
(if don’t know, Find your Device’s serial COM port from Device Manager = (Right click My Computer -> Manage -> Device Manager -> Ports (COM & LPT).
5. Click Read all info from Phone!
6. Click Disable Pattern UNLOCK! ( Now Just Disabled Pattern Lock ! if you want to backup your Phone Data Do it Manually)
7. Click Factory Setting Phone
Reboot your Device ! Done. Create New Pattern Lock if you need.

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