iOS 6.1 release & direct download

Apple has release ios 6.1 for iPhone3GS, iPhone4,iPhone3, iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPod Touch4G, iPod Touch 5G, iPad2, iPad3, So lets go to download and make new experience with iOS6.1.
iPad firmware
iPad2(wifi) (iPad2,1)6.1 (10B141)
iPad2(at&t) (iPad2,2)6.1 (10B141)
iPad2(vz) (iPad2,3)6.1 (10B141)
iPad2,4 (iPad2,4)6.1 (10B141)
iPad2,5 (iPad2,5)6.1 (10B141)
iPad2,6 (iPad2,6)6.1 (10B141)
iPad2,7 (iPad2,7)6.1 (10B141)
iPad3,1 (iPad3,1)6.1 (10B141)
iPad3,2 (iPad3,2)6.1 (10B141)
iPad3,3 (iPad3,3)6.1 (10B141)
iPad3,4 (iPad3,4)6.1 (10B141)
iPad3,5 (iPad3,5)6.1 (10B141)
iPad3,6 (iPad3,6)6.1 (10B141)
iPhone firmware 
iPhone3GS (iPhone2,1)6.1 (10B141)
iPhone4 (iPhone3,1)6.1 (10B144)
iPhone3,2 (iPhone3,2)6.1 (10B144)
iPhone4(vz) (iPhone3,3)6.1 (10B141)
iPhone4S (iPhone4,1)6.1 (10B142)
iPhone5,1 (iPhone5,1)6.1 (10B143)
iPhone5,2 (iPhone5,2)6.1 (10B143)
iPod firmware

iPodTouch(4G) (iPod4,1)6.1 (10B144)
iPodTouch(5G) (iPod5,1)6.1 (10B141)

iOS 6.X series and 6.1 now jailbreak available go here for jailbreak tutorial & tool download: iOS 6.X Series & 6.1 Untethered jailbreak release by Evasi0n

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