Kuaiyong download & instruction for how to install Kuaiyong tutorial for Mac / Windows

Kuaiyong all release are beta like kuaiyong 2013 version is there earlier version. Now available below two file for download. future update available, when we will update, So stay with us.
Download Kuaiyong beta 2013
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 File name: kuaiyong_KYSetup_2010_2.exe
File version:
File size: 1.8 MB

Download link 1: http://depositfiles.com/files/r92w2y360
Download link 2: kuaiyong_KYSetup_2010_2.exe.rar
                  SHA1 Checksum: 9e42294f3b0c4be8e15223417f06231942daf5ac
Download Kuaiyong beta 2012
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 File name: kuaiyong_KYSetup__1506.exe
File version:
File size: 1.8 MB
Download link 1: http://depositfiles.com/files/k2d7lgalr
Download link 2: kuaiyong_KYSetup__1506.exe.rar
        SHA1 Checksum: 640ccef63a702e4a221c59def895438afcb6d42e
Latest kuaiyong exe and upcoming news here: kuaiyong first look
Kuaiyong install tutorial

This tutorial we make for non use china language user’s because this software build by china language.

1. Download & bubble click to install to go install operation.
2. follow this photo by click next
3. Follow under photo by tick accept license agreement or disagree (They’re license agreement shown by txt format in box, So if you can translate this by a online translator thats for you need just copy past.)
04.  Follow under tutorial photo for choose install data location, Choose App download data destination and installation.
 05. Click Next by tutorial photo tutorial.
 06. Click next & choose by tick by right mark icon Desktop or Start menu shortcut by under tutorial
 07. Click here for Next & confirm
08. Click here for successfully install & finish.

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