ATF box tool update V9.61

ATF (advance turobo flasher) lunched there software update ATF V9.61 notice.

v9.61 (Use “Check Software Updates in ATF Software”)
Release Date: March 02, 2013
Firmware Version Required : 10.3.30 or 10.3.50

* Fixed Box Firmware Update Error
Release Date: February 28, 2013
Firmware Version Required : 10.3.30 or 10.3.50

“Lumia TP Updates”
What’s New?

* Lumia 510 (RM-889, RM-898) Dead Boot Repair Supported
* Lumia 505 (RM-923) Dead Boot Repair Supported
* Lumia 510 TP Pictures Added
* Lumia 900 “Unlocked Bootloader” added (Qualcomm OSBL)

Something for Developers (Requires Password)
* Lumia eMMC RAW Read/Write via TP “CUSTOM Read or WRITE” Option
* Supported Phones: Lumia 505, 510, 610, 610C, 710, 800, 800C and 900
* Password is 70617373776F7264

Small Bug Fixes
* Skipped checking SRP and iOS Service Cost during Phone Authorize
* Fixed Simlock Recovery Bug on phones with APE NAND Flash Chips

Other Stuff
* Complete Variant Listing for Lumia Win7 and Win8 Phones (as of Feb-28-2013)
* Complete Product Listing in Nokia.ini (as of Feb-28-2013)

* LogiCore 10.3.50 OPEN BETA COMING SOON *
In preparation for the Release of LogiCore 10.3.50, we are looking for
ATF Users who are willing to participate in testing the new features
of this Firmware.

1. Beta Testers needed – To test the Stability of LogiCore 10.3.50 Beta
2. Beta Testers needed – Who have soldering skills and familiar with JTAG

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