Octopus Samsung Software update v1.8.7 release

Octopus Box Samsung Software v1.8.7
– Added support for the following models:
  • GT-S5292added world’s first Direct Unlock, Read Codes, Write Firmware, Repair IMEI (A/B).
  • SGH-I847added Direct Unlock, Read Codes, Write Firmware, Repair IMEI, Read/Write/Repair NVM.
  • GT-C3510Nadded Read Codes, Repair IMEI, Repair BT Address (thanks to Mr. Dr_Wolodya).
  • GT-S3770Madded Read Codes (thanks to Mr. Ariel Sellanes).
  • GT-S8500added Repair IMEI.
  • GT-S8530added Repair IMEI.

– Added Software manuals for supported phones.
– Released some improvements to the main software.

IMPORTANT! In order to perform Direct Unlock/Repair IMEI (A/B)/Read Codes with GT-S5292 model,
it is necessary to write any firmware for this phone model from the Support Area.
Also note that for IMEI repairing of GT-S8500 (GT-S8530), you need to write special firmware
“GT-S8500_for_IMEI_repair” (“GT-S8530_for_IMEI_repair”) from the Support Area.

File name: install_octopus_samsung_1.8.7.exe
Size: 56.36MB

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