Samsung Editor v2.1 released

Z3X box present free Samsung editor version 2 release for Z3X box owner’s.
Why you need this?
Because you can create custom firmwares!! with your own language for samsung phones.
What’s new?
in Samsung editor V2
– E1230
– E1220T
– E1200T
– E1200M
– E1195
– E1190
– E1180
– E1170i
– E1150
– E1130B
– E1130
– E1080W
– E1050
– E1150i
– z710*
– z650*
– z630*
– z620*
– z510*
– z320i*
– z370
– z810
– z310
– z107
– z105
– Saving/restoring settings in translate window
– Better quallcom model detection by firmware file
– EN-RU-UA dictionary based on original samsung translations
* – Except firmwares with Flash menu
– Faster showing cells after loading firmware process
– Editor now remember latest used dictionary
– Editor now can translate multiple languages at one time
– Fixed bug when SamsEd can not open when dictionary file does not exists
– Fixed recent files list updating when selecting firmware from recent files list
File name: samsungeditor_2.1.exe
Size: 15.20

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