ATF Box update v10.30 released

ATF (Advance Turbo Flasher) box team released V10.30. Added new boot files, Nokia 1020 boot repair for ATF JTAG more new for Nokia module.

What’s new?

* Added New BIG BOOT FILES for all Lumia Phones
* Added Lumia 1020 BOOT REPAIR Support


* Added Read Flash File Option for Infineon XG110 FBUS Phones
–> This will read MCU, PPM and CNT in Regular FLS Format (Including VPL)
–> Currently very useful for Nokia 107 RM-961
* Added Read Flash File Custom Address and Full Flash
* Added Dead Phone Read PM Area via Recover PMM Area (PM File)


* Fixed UDA Flashing on Latest Belle Releases

General Updates

 * Complete Product Listing in Nokia.ini (as of October 24, 2013)

Bug Fixes 

* Fixed Infineon XG110 FBUS Flashing “Hang” on Factory Reset
* Fixed Infineon XG110 FBUS PMM and CNT Quick Erase
File name: ATF_v10.30_Full_Installer.rar
Size: 172.97 MB

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