ATF box v10.60 new year update released

ATF “Advance Turbo Flasher” present New year update ATF v10.60 Update. That’s way now support huge model list for Nokia mobile software repair.

[ATF JTAG]* Added Lumia 525 RM-998 BOOT Repair
* Added Lumia 900 RM-808 and RM-823 MODEM BOOT Repair (Fixes “White Screen Hang”)
* Added Lumia 900 RM-808 and RM-823 MODEM EFS Repair (Fixes “Logo Hang” or “Rethink Possible”)
* Added Lumia WP8 BOOT CHECK (Reads BOOT Info from Phone)
* Revised Lumia WP8 BOOT Repair with Auto-Detect NEW and OLD BOOT Repair
* Added Cherry Mobile Flare 2X
* Fixed 610, 610C, 510 and 505 “Not Detected Timeout” problem on some PC
* Fixed Lumia 900 Counter Reset during read codes

Download Links:
Nokia Lumia Phones:
ATF JTAG AFP FILES by d18.builder – 4shared

Cherry Mobile Phones:
CHERRY_MOBILE by d18.builder – 4shared

[Infineon XG618]
* Added XG618 Decrypt PM 120 HASH for 15-Digit Phones
RM-839 : Nokia 301/3018
RM-840 : Nokia 301/3018
RM-841 : Nokia 301/3018
RM-948 : Nokia 208
RM-949 : Nokia 208 DS
RM-950 : Nokia 208
RM-952 : Nokia 515
RM-953 : Nokia 515
RM-954 : Nokia 207
RM-956 : Nokia 208 DS
RM-957 : Nokia 208

[Infineon XG110]* New FBUS Flashing Engine which allows Non-Sequenced Flash File Flashing
example: Flash only PPM or CNT or MCU

[WP7]* Added Lumia 610 NFC eMMC TP Pinout

* Added Test Mode Selection for WP8 Phones (NCSD or FBUS)
* Preliminary Support for SX-4 Authorize via Original Server for WP8 Phones
* Preliminary Support for NVI write after Authorize for WP8 Phones

[General Updates]* Complete Product Listing in Nokia.ini as of December 31, 2013)* Complete WP7/WP8 Variant Listing as of December 31, 2013

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