MTK Droid Tools v2.5.0

Dicle_GSM present MTKDroidTools_v2.5.0.
* Running on Win 8.1
* Support MT6572 and MT6582 (already in v2.4.8b)
* Support phones MTD flash and different from the 2048/64 ratio Page/Spare. In the log window displays at a connection is an ratio. Because Spare determined intuitively, there is the probability of error definitions. Then the images will have to recompile under Linux.
* if the file system ubifs, then a warning is displayed with reference to the index page with a description of the problem.
* Cleaned checkboxes “Backup userdata and cache” and Leave “FlashTool files on SD card” (wrote about this plan recently).
* Fixed bugs found
File name: MtkDroidTools_v250.exe
Size: 9.2 MB

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