VolcanoBox 2.4.7 released

Volcano Box VolcanoTool_v2.4.7.rar released, with huge improvement inside MTK 6572 and 6272 Volcano now 6572 chip phone full eMMC Read/Write support and more.
What’s new?
  • Added MTK6572 Write EMMC flash
  • Added MTK6572 Read EMMC Flash
  • Added Android MTK6272 FULL FLASH
  • Added Android MTK6572 EMMC Write FULL Flash
  • Improved MTK Android Format
  • Many Unsupported MTK6572 eMMC is Supported now
  • MTK6572 NAND & eMMC Both is supported now
in this update many more Unsupported phones will be Supported now. but Still there can be some Unsupported phones and which we are working on it.
File name: VolcanoTool_v2.4.7.rar
Size: 151.96 MB

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