Volcano Box 2.5.0 released

Volcano box present VolcanoTool_v2.5.0_Full_Installer.7z released with full installer.
What’s new?
  • Added Mtk_Android_Tool in Android Tab
  • Added These Models for Service
  • OT-4030
  • OT-4030A
  • OT-4030E
  • OT-4030X
  • OT-4030D
  • OT-5020
  • OT-5020D
  • OT-5020E
  • OT-5021
  • OT-5035
  • OT-6010
  • OT-6010D
  • OT-6030
  • OT-6033
  • OT-6040
  • OT-7025
  • OT-8020
  • VF-875
  • VF-875X
  • VF-975
  • OT-997
  • OT-997D
  • OT-S500
  • OT-S600
  • OT-S710
  • OT-S800
  • OT-S810
  • OT-S820
  • OT-S850
  • OT-S950
  • ZTE V793
  • ZTE V889M
  • ZTE V807
  • ZTE Blade C
Added in Main Tab of Mtk Android Tool V1.11
Firmware Settings
Detailed info about Firmware
Enable/Disable Ver check
Enable/Disable Format Before Flash
Enable/Disable MD5 Checsum Flash Check
Enable/Disable High Speed Flash
Check for Auto Reboot after Flash
Enable/Disable Preloader Boot
Enable/Disable debug log
Enable/Disable Display Boot Info
Boot Info
Write Flash
Reset Phone

Added in Unlocking Tab of Mtk Android Tool V1.11
Enable/Disable Is phone with Dual sim
Reboot Phone in advanced Meta
Read Codes in advanced Meta
Read Code
Direct Unlock
Enable/Disable Clean Boot

Added in Service Tab of Mtk Android Tool V1.11
Format Phone ( Custom )
Read Flash ( Custom )
Dump Phone ( eMMC )
Enable/Disable UserData Read
Sinc Simlock
Imei Write 1
Imei Write 2
Imei Write 3
Imei Write 4
Enable/Disable Calculate CHK
Enable/Disable Clean Boot
Enable/Disable Sync Simlock
Read NvRam
Write NvRam

Note: Full Installer Released in PARTS ( 150 MB each )
Use 7zi

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