Kuaiyong alternative paid app download by VShare for iPhone, iPad

It’s about VShare we’re not comparing to each other but kuaiyong made first paid app free useable solutions. Kuaiyong still did it but it’s only can support by pc, but Vshare now can be able to download both. You can enjoy this free service by using iPhone or iPad, or If you can make download and install by VShare pc management suite.

iPhone Paid app free downloader
Vshare pc management suite

Follow the steps instructions below:

  1. How to install VShare on your iPhone or iPAD and how to use it? Go to vshare.com using your phone Safari browser. Get download button and tap here to download vshare.ipa.
  2. If you seen install button then press install button.
  3. Then you be seen untrusted app developer, Tap Trust button.
  4. You get a Vshare app on home screen, Now enjoy paid app downloading.

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