Boxes tool updates Miracle

Miracle Box 1.10

Miracle Box update V1.10

Whats new?
Add MT  NEW CPU 6516 with Read / Write / Format Support.
Boxes tool updates Z3X

Samsung 3G tool 12.4 released

Samsung 3G tool 12.4 released

– Added flashing support for:
I5700, I5700L, I5700R, I5800, I5801, I6500U, B7510, B7510L, I5500, I5500B, I5500L, I5503, I5503T, I5508, I5510, S5570, S5570L, S5578, S5660, S5660L, S5660V, S5670, S5670L, S5830, S5830B, S5830D, S5830L, S5830T, S5838, I7500, I9001, T939

– Code optimized
– Uploaded more new firmware and service manual, now Samsung files more than 620 GB

Samsung i5510 Flashing done see here

advance turbo flasher Boxes tool updates

ATF v8.70

ATF box setup update v8.70

Flashing Updates:

–> Lumia 900 RM-808 and RM-823 Now Fully Supported and Tested
–> Blocked Cross Flashing a X3-02.5 (RM-775) with a X3-02 (RM-639) Flash File
–> Blocked Cross Flashing a C3-01.5 (RM-776) with a C3-01 (RM-640) Flash File
–> Dual CPU (CMT + APE) New Protocol FBUS Flashing Re-Activated (N95, E90)
–> Dual CPU (CMT + APE) Phone Authorize via The ATF Network Re-Activated
–> Dual CPU (CMT + APE) ADL USB Flashing Re-Activated (N95-8GB, N95, N73, E90)
–> Dual CPU (CMT + APE) First In The World ADL USB Recovery Flashing (N95-8GB, N95, E90)

Other Updates:
–> Improved Drive Detection for ALL SYMBIAN APE Phones…
–> FORMAT FILE SYSTEM Now Supports S40 FILE2 Drives (5130c, X2-01, etc..)
–> REMOVE SD Card Password via S40 Phone FILE2 Format of Drive E:

DCT4 Update:
–> DCT4 ASIC 2-5-6-7 SP Data Rebuild for DIRECT UNLOCK and REPAIR

Other Updates:
–> New Products Added to Nokia.ini

Bugs Killed in this Update:
–> Fixed SUB SCAN PHONE = PC Restart Bug on some AMD and Intel Core2 Computers
–> Fixed Battery Value 0 Error When Flashing via USB
–> Fixed USB Booting Problem Delay on FUR
–> Fixed FBUS Buscheck Timeout Delays (Faster Buschecks Now)
–> Fixed Bug on Unsupported “NORMALIZE SUSD” Flash Files
–> Fixed RAP3Gv3 FBUS Flashing Bug “Please Check RX2 Blah Blah…”
–> Adjusted Infineon USB Flashing to exit properly during a Flash Error

Special Thanks Goes To:

ashish_gsm <– USB Scan Phone Surrogate PC for Debugging
MOYAL <– USB Scan Phone Fix Beta Tester

Some Clarifications:

1. Old Phones Can now be flashed with New Loaders and New Protocol (like 5130 and N95-8GB).
But it is still BETTER to use OLD PROTOCOL and OLD LOADERS for these Phones.

2. You can now flash N95-8GB, N73, E90 etc via USB Cable Only.

3. Nitro and Lightning users can now EASILY REMOVE Password from any SD Card without buying
or making an SD Card Cable Adapter. Simply put SD Card inside a S40 Phone like 5130c or
X2-01 etc… When card is now inside the phone, use FILE SYSTEM FORMAT Option to Format
Drive E:… That is it!

Boxes tool updates GPGDragon

GPGDragon box Ver2.13

GPGDragon setup Ver2.13 

MTK 625262506251 Support More New Flash
 Add new Boot 5.1148 For MTK
 Support New Flash (2MB 4MB 16MB)
SF_N25W64 SF_GD27Q64
any more
SPD 6610/20 add Support GIGA Flash Support
 ALL Chip Add New Flash Memory
 add SPD Format Function (now it will Support 98% safe Format)
 Fix SPD SC6600L2 and SC6600L7 Bugs
 Fix MTK 6252 Flash Error
 MTK 6252 IMEI rebuild improvement
 important: Some MTK Format or Flash after Mobile Tip “IMEI invalid” Like J5000+ ,so don’t forget before ReadBack NV first 


iPhone Dev-team has released a new version of redsn0w_win_0.9.10b8b



File name:
Size: 14.6 MB (15,349,147 bytes)
Boxes tool updates MXBOX MXEY mxkey setup

MX-Key v3.5 revision 2.0



Nokia module updated to version 2.0
– added: MCU certificate check on Bus check (if any)
– bugfixed: “Performing Handshake” hang for some reason
– bugfixed: ProductProfile extraction of dcp files
– minor bug fixed

SL3 Logger updated to version 2.0
– improved usb handling
– minor bug fixed

Fire Agent updated to version 1.2
– added: Sync product config files on “Reload Products”
(will synchronize product description and images)

HTI Misc Tool updated to version 1.1
– minor bug fixed

Mobileex_setup_v3.5_rev2.0 Download here

Boxes tool updates

Miracle Box New update V1.09


MT 6513 Read + Write + Format and more 
MT 6573 Read + Write + Format and more

Link: Click here


iPhone Dev-team has released a new version of redsn0w_win_0.9.10b8

File nam:
Size: 15.34MB
Hard reset Nokia

How to hard reset Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800 How to hard reset press button with picture tutorial

Boxes tool updates

Volcano box update ver 1.2.2

Volcano box ver 1.2.2

  Whats new?

add SPD 8801G/8800G imei change

add SPD 8801G/8800G read info

add SPD 8801G/8800G Format

Volcano Box SPD 8801 Read info Done


 Volcano Box SPD8801 READ Write Done

 Volcano Box SPD 8801 Imei Repair Done

 Volcano Box SPD 8801 Format Done


File name: VolcanoTool_v1.2.2.rar

Size: 14.52 Mb (15,226,359 b)