Box Boxes tool updates China mobile repair tool Volcano box update

VolcanoBox V1.8.3 Coolsand/Rda USB & SE Xperia

Whats new ?
in Volcano Box V1.8.3 / VolcanoTool_v1.8.3_Full_Installer.rar update

VolcanoBox V1.8.3 Exclusive Update for
RDA & Coolsand
Coolsand & Rda USB Read
(Default 4M flash,can select manually if it’s big size)

Coolsand & Rda USB Write
(Support some flash ic )

Coolsand & Rda USB Read Password
Coolsand & Rda USB Format

(Support some flash ic )

Coolsand & Rda USB Read Info

(it can identify size and IMEI)

Original SonyErcisson Xperia

( Coming Soon )

Docomo SO-01B
X10 Mini
X10 Mini Pro
Xperia Active
Xperia Arco
Xperia Arc
Xperia Arc S
Xperia W8
Xperia X10i
Xperia X10a
Xperia Mini
Xperia Mini Pro
Xperia Pro
Xperia Play
Xperia Ray

About Xperia Unlocking. it will be Direct Unlocking. It’s almost Finished. Will update on next upcoming updates right after New Year Holidays !!
How to use ?
You have 3 ways.
1st Detect Coolsand Usb pinout from volcanobox.
2nd Use Original cable.
3rd Use Manual pinout.

Keep in mind:
Coolsand Usb work on those phones which can comes into USB MASS MEMORY select. if phone is completely dead you have to use Rx Tx way. 

Set pinout.
go to Coolsand Rda tab
Click on Usb mode
Untick Auto Pinfind
Select your desire operation
click on run
when mobile power on & it’s say Usb mass memory
Press & Hold “0” button from mobile key pad
Install Drivers
from ( C:Program FilesVolcano TeamVolcanoBoxDriversPhone DriversCoolsand USB )
 File name: VolcanoTool_v1.8.3_Full_Installer.rar
Size: 194.794 MB

Alcatel tool Boot box Box Boxes tool updates China mobile repair tool Huawei tool Samsung Tool Zte tool

Boot box Update V5.0.0 Special For New Year 2013

Whats new? in BootBox_v5.0.0_DEC_30_2012.rar

Samsung Tool : Addenium

Code Reader SAFE and Protected For Following Models :

  • i5500
  • i9000
  • i959 Vibrant
  • i897 Captivate
  • T499 Dart
  • S5830
  • S5660
  • S5670
  • S5660M
  • S5570
ZTE Tool : Addenium
World First added Auto-analyse security for P752T versions now you can Unlocking ZTE A21+ And similar models with displaces hash.[- Beta]
  • Huawei Android Tool : Addenium
  • Huawei G300 / U8815 / U8818 Added.
  • Huawei M860 / M865 [CDMA SPC UNLOCK ] World First
  • Remove GoogleLock By One Click

Alcatel WorldWide Number ONE Tool : Added 602 Real Providers!

  • Alcatel OT-090;ALID1;
  • Alcatel OT-104;C8MX1;
  • Alcatel OT-106;ALFR;
  • Alcatel OT-117;ALAT1;
  • Alcatel OT-117;ALBY1;
  • Alcatel OT-117;ALIE1;
  • Alcatel OT-117;ALRU1;
  • Alcatel OT-117;ALRU2;
  • Alcatel OT-117;ALUA1;
  • Alcatel OT-117;ATBH1;
  • Alcatel OT-117;ATTE3;
  • Alcatel OT-117;M1TE3;
  • Alcatel OT-117;RGGW3;
  • Alcatel OT-117;TMCV1;
  • Alcatel OT-117;TTTP1;
  • Alcatel OT-117;VVBG1;
  • Alcatel OT-132;ALEG1;
  • Alcatel OT-132;ALEU1;
  • Alcatel OT-132;ALIT1;
  • Alcatel OT-132;ALRU1;
  • Alcatel OT-132;ALTN1;
  • Alcatel OT-132;C8MX1;
  • Alcatel OT-132;TGMX1;
  • Alcatel OT-1801;RLIN4;
  • Alcatel OT-208;AGEC1;
  • Alcatel OT-208;ALBY1;
  • Alcatel OT-208;ALRU1;
  • Alcatel OT-208;DCFA3;
  • Alcatel OT-208;DCHT3;
  • Alcatel OT-208;DCHT9;
  • Alcatel OT-208;JDTO1;
  • Alcatel OT-208;KPES1;
  • Alcatel OT-208;M1TE1;
  • Alcatel OT-208;MPBA1;
  • Alcatel OT-208;TLBR1;
  • Alcatel OT-208;TLBR3;
  • Alcatel OT-208;ZEMY2;
  • Alcatel OT-213;OPNC1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;ALAP1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;ALBE1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;ALEG1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;ALFR1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;ALIT1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;ALMT1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;ALMU1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;ALNL1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;ATMG5;
  • Alcatel OT-217;ATNE3;
  • Alcatel OT-217;ATTE3;
  • Alcatel OT-217;AVCO1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;AVDO3;
  • Alcatel OT-217;AVEC1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;AVPR1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;AVUY1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;BAMA1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;C9FA1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;CECO1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;CECO3;
  • Alcatel OT-217;CIJM1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;JOEC1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;LDUS1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;LPFR1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;MSAM1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;MSBY1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;PJPT1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;PJPT2;
  • Alcatel OT-217;PJPT4;
  • Alcatel OT-217;RGDO3;
  • Alcatel OT-217;RGMD3;
  • Alcatel OT-217;RGTE5;
  • Alcatel OT-217;SGSA1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;TBAL1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;TLPE1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;VDFJ1;
  • Alcatel OT-217;WCDO2;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALAP1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALAT1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALBR1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALDE1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALDZ1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALEG1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALES1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALEU1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALFR1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALGB1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALGR1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALHR1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALIT1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALKE1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALKZ1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALLK1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALNL1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALPT1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALRS1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALRU1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALUA1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;ALZA1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;BFSG1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;C2PH1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;EHFR1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;EOBA1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;EXCM3;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;GOAT1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;M1TE3;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;M4VN3;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;RGBW5;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;RGUG3;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;VDFJ1;
  • Alcatel OT-217D;VPLK1;
  • Alcatel OT-223;TLBR1;
  • Alcatel OT-228;ALBY1;
  • Alcatel OT-228;ALDZ1;
  • Alcatel OT-228;ALGB1;
  • Alcatel OT-228;ALNL1;
  • Alcatel OT-228;CFMK1;
  • Alcatel OT-228;EXCM3;
  • Alcatel OT-228;JDHK1;
  • Alcatel OT-228;JDHK2;
  • Alcatel OT-228;PWGB1;
  • Alcatel OT-228;RGRO3;
  • Alcatel OT-228;RGTE3;
  • Alcatel OT-228;SFFR1;
  • Alcatel OT-228;TZTN1;
  • Alcatel OT-228;VDMK1;
  • Alcatel OT-228D;2TBR1;
  • Alcatel OT-228D;AVBR1;
  • Alcatel OT-228D;OIBR1;
  • Alcatel OT-228D;TIBR1;
  • Alcatel OT-232;ALEU1;
  • Alcatel OT-232;ALKZ1;
  • Alcatel OT-232;ALPL1;
  • Alcatel OT-232;ALRU1;
  • Alcatel OT-232;ALZA1;
  • Alcatel OT-232;AVDO3;
  • Alcatel OT-232;AVPE1;
  • Alcatel OT-232;AVUY1;
  • Alcatel OT-232;AZTE3;
  • Alcatel OT-232;BGRU1;
  • Alcatel OT-232;MNTE1;
  • Alcatel OT-232;NSAR2;
  • Alcatel OT-232;OBGB1;
  • Alcatel OT-232;TLMX1;
  • Alcatel OT-232;TZTN1;
  • Alcatel OT-232;VDHU1;
  • Alcatel OT-232;VDPT1;
  • Alcatel OT-232;VDZA1;
  • Alcatel OT-233;ALRU1;
  • Alcatel OT-233;VDSP1;
  • Alcatel OT-255;RCUS1;
  • Alcatel OT-255;TLBR1;
  • Alcatel OT-255;TLMX2;
  • Alcatel OT-255;VUMX1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;ADGB1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;ALAT1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;ALCZ1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;ALDZ1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;ALES1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;ALGB1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;ALKZ1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;ALNA1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;ALOM1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;ALRO1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;ALRS1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;ALSG1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;ALUA1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;AVDO1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;C9FA1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;D5SI1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;EECL1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;ICCR1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;JDHK1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;PWGB1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;RGAM3;
  • Alcatel OT-282;RGES3;
  • Alcatel OT-282;RGFR3;
  • Alcatel OT-282;RGMD3;
  • Alcatel OT-282;RGMU1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;RGPL3;
  • Alcatel OT-282;RGRO3;
  • Alcatel OT-282;SFRE1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;TLAR2;
  • Alcatel OT-282;TLES3;
  • Alcatel OT-282;TLPE3;
  • Alcatel OT-282;TMCV1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;TNHU1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;V1BY1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;VPLK1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;VRGB1;
  • Alcatel OT-282;YGES1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;2DNZ1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;ALAT1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;ALBY1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;ALCZ1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;ALDE1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;ALFR1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;ALGR1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;ALHU1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;ALIT1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;ALNL1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;ALPL1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;ALRS1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;ALRU1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;ALUA1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;AVDO3;
  • Alcatel OT-292;AVGT1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;AVPE1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;BYFR1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;CFMK1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;CIJM1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;EECL1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;EKES1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;NSAR2;
  • Alcatel OT-292;PMPT1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;RGDO3;
  • Alcatel OT-292;RGES3;
  • Alcatel OT-292;RGFR3;
  • Alcatel OT-292;RGRE3;
  • Alcatel OT-292;TIIT1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;TIIT3;
  • Alcatel OT-292;TLCO1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;TLMX1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;TNHU1;
  • Alcatel OT-292;YGES1;
  • Alcatel OT-296;ALLK1;
  • Alcatel OT-296;ALSG1;
  • Alcatel OT-296;AVCO1;
  • Alcatel OT-296;AVPE1;
  • Alcatel OT-296;AVUY1;
  • Alcatel OT-296;BFAU1;
  • Alcatel OT-296;BFPY1;
  • Alcatel OT-296;C9AC1;
  • Alcatel OT-296;C9FA1;
  • Alcatel OT-296;C9PC1;
  • Alcatel OT-296;C9SV1;
  • Alcatel OT-296;CIJM1;
  • Alcatel OT-296;MVGT1;
  • Alcatel OT-296;MVGT2;
  • Alcatel OT-296;MVSV1;
  • Alcatel OT-296;O3VE1;
  • Alcatel OT-296;RGDO3;
  • Alcatel OT-296;TGMX1;
  • Alcatel OT-296;WCDO2;
  • Alcatel OT-297;C8MX1;
  • Alcatel OT-297;LDUS1;
  • Alcatel OT-297;TLMX1;
  • Alcatel OT-297;TLNI1;
  • Alcatel OT-297;TLPE3;
  • Alcatel OT-297;TLUY1;
  • Alcatel OT-306;BGKZ1;
  • Alcatel OT-306;C2PH1;
  • Alcatel OT-306;CECO1;
  • Alcatel OT-306;CECO3;
  • Alcatel OT-306;OPNC1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;2DNZ1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;ALEG1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;ALFR1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;ALPL1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;ALUS1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;ATTE1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;AVCO1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;AVGT1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;AVPE1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;AVSV1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;AVUY1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;C6AO3;
  • Alcatel OT-308;C9FA1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;C9PC1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;CJUS1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;JOEC1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;L2US1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;LPFR1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;MNTE1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;MPBA1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;MVGT1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;MVSV1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;NRFR1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;NSAR2;
  • Alcatel OT-308;OTFA1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;RGMU1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;TBHU1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;TLCO1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;TLMX1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;TLNI1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;TLVE3;
  • Alcatel OT-308;TNHU1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;VDFJ1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;VDHU1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;VDKE1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;VDPT1;
  • Alcatel OT-308;WNIT3;
  • Alcatel OT-310;ALKE1;
  • Alcatel OT-310;ALRO1;
  • Alcatel OT-310;DCPC1;
  • Alcatel OT-310;JDHK1;
  • Alcatel OT-310;LDUS1;
  • Alcatel OT-310;TTTP1;
  • Alcatel OT-318D;ALAP1;
  • Alcatel OT-318D;ALBY1;
  • Alcatel OT-318D;ALDZ1;
  • Alcatel OT-318D;ALIT1;
  • Alcatel OT-318D;ALLK1;
  • Alcatel OT-318D;ALRU1;
  • Alcatel OT-318D;ALTN1;
  • Alcatel OT-318D;ALUA1;
  • Alcatel OT-318D;IGIN1;
  • Alcatel OT-318D;MNZA1;
  • Alcatel OT-318D;NVIN1;
  • Alcatel OT-318D;RGRE1;
  • Alcatel OT-318D;VPLK1;
  • Alcatel OT-319;RGES3;
  • Alcatel OT-319;RGFR3;
  • Alcatel OT-322;ALAT1;
  • Alcatel OT-322;ALRO1;
  • Alcatel OT-322;RGRO1;
  • Alcatel OT-322;TBHU1;
  • Alcatel OT-322;TNHU3;
  • Alcatel OT-322;VRGB3;
  • Alcatel OT-355;IUUS1;
  • Alcatel OT-355D;ZEMY1;
  • Alcatel OT-356;L2US1;
  • Alcatel OT-356;ZTCA1;
  • Alcatel OT-358;2DNZ1;
  • Alcatel OT-358;ALFR1;
  • Alcatel OT-358;ALGB1;
  • Alcatel OT-358;ALMX1;
  • Alcatel OT-358;ALMZ1;
  • Alcatel OT-358;ALNL1;
  • Alcatel OT-358;ALUY1;
  • Alcatel OT-358;ATTE3;
  • Alcatel OT-358;AVUY1;
  • Alcatel OT-358;C9FJ1;
  • Alcatel OT-358;C9PC1;
  • Alcatel OT-358;DCFA1;
  • Alcatel OT-358;MNZA1;
  • Alcatel OT-358;MVSVA;
  • Alcatel OT-358;OTFA1;
  • Alcatel OT-358;OTFA4;
  • Alcatel OT-358;OTFA5;
  • Alcatel OT-358;PMPT3;
  • Alcatel OT-358;PWGB1;
  • Alcatel OT-358;RGES3;
  • Alcatel OT-358;RGFR3;
  • Alcatel OT-358;RGGB1;
  • Alcatel OT-358;TBGB1;
  • Alcatel OT-358;TGMX1;
  • Alcatel OT-358;TLARA;
  • Alcatel OT-358;TLCOA;
  • Alcatel OT-358;TLMXA;
  • Alcatel OT-358;TLNIB;
  • Alcatel OT-358;TLPEB;
  • Alcatel OT-358;TLVEA;
  • Alcatel OT-358;TPBF1;
  • Alcatel OT-358;TZTN1;
  • Alcatel OT-358;UFMX1;
  • Alcatel OT-358D;ALEU1;
  • Alcatel OT-358D;ALGH1;
  • Alcatel OT-358D;ALKE1;
  • Alcatel OT-358D;ALLK1;
  • Alcatel OT-358D;ALRO1;
  • Alcatel OT-358D;AVBR1;
  • Alcatel OT-358D;BGGE1;
  • Alcatel OT-358D;C6AO1;
  • Alcatel OT-358D;JOEC1;
  • Alcatel OT-358D;M1TE3;
  • Alcatel OT-358D;O3VE1;
  • Alcatel OT-358D;OIBR1;
  • Alcatel OT-358D;PDIN1;
  • Alcatel OT-358D;VDFJ1;
  • Alcatel OT-358D;VPLK1;
  • Alcatel OT-361;ALIT1;
  • Alcatel OT-361;OPNC1;
  • Alcatel OT-385;BYFR3;
  • Alcatel OT-385;MNTE3;
  • Alcatel OT-385D;ALDE1;
  • Alcatel OT-385D;ALRO1;
  • Alcatel OT-385D;ALTN1;
  • Alcatel OT-385D;EXCM3;
  • Alcatel OT-385J;BFCL1;
  • Alcatel OT-385J;CECO1;
  • Alcatel OT-385J;LDBO1;
  • Alcatel OT-385J;LDUS1;
  • Alcatel OT-390;AEUS1;
  • Alcatel OT-390;AEUY1;
  • Alcatel OT-455;VDES1;
  • Alcatel OT-455;VDFJ1;
  • Alcatel OT-455;VDGB1;
  • Alcatel OT-455;VDGR1;
  • Alcatel OT-455;VDHR1;
  • Alcatel OT-455;VDNZ1;
  • Alcatel OT-455;VDPT1;
  • Alcatel OT-455;VDQA1;
  • Alcatel OT-455;VDRO1;
  • Alcatel OT-455;VDZA1;
  • Alcatel OT-506;ALME1;
  • Alcatel OT-506;ALMX1;
  • Alcatel OT-506;AVUY1;
  • Alcatel OT-506;MPME1;
  • Alcatel OT-506;TEHR1;
  • Alcatel OT-585;ALZA1;
  • Alcatel OT-585;ATTE3;
  • Alcatel OT-585;AVDO3;
  • Alcatel OT-585;AVGT8;
  • Alcatel OT-585;AVHN8;
  • Alcatel OT-585;AVPE1;
  • Alcatel OT-585;AVSV8;
  • Alcatel OT-585;JDHK1;
  • Alcatel OT-585;MVGT1;
  • Alcatel OT-585;MVHN1;
  • Alcatel OT-585;MVSV1;
  • Alcatel OT-585;RGDO3;
  • Alcatel OT-585;TENL1;
  • Alcatel OT-585;VDZA1;
  • Alcatel OT-585;VRFR1;
  • Alcatel OT-585;WCDO1;
  • Alcatel OT-585D;ALFR1;
  • Alcatel OT-585D;ALRO1;
  • Alcatel OT-585D;DCFA1;
  • Alcatel OT-585D;EHFR1;
  • Alcatel OT-585D;RGCF1;
  • Alcatel OT-585D;T2CV3;
  • Alcatel OT-585D;VDFJ1;
  • Alcatel OT-585F;AVPE1;
  • Alcatel OT-585F;JDHK1;
  • Alcatel OT-585F;TWIE1;
  • Alcatel OT-595;ALIT1;
  • Alcatel OT-595;ALZA1;
  • Alcatel OT-595;C6AO3;
  • Alcatel OT-595;C9PC1;
  • Alcatel OT-595;TGMX1;
  • Alcatel OT-595D;ALCI1;
  • Alcatel OT-595D;ALEU2;
  • Alcatel OT-595D;ALKE1;
  • Alcatel OT-595D;ALMU1;
  • Alcatel OT-595D;ALRU1;
  • Alcatel OT-595D;LCVN1;
  • Alcatel OT-602;ALRO1;
  • Alcatel OT-602;AVSV1;
  • Alcatel OT-602;CECO1;
  • Alcatel OT-602;CECO3;
  • Alcatel OT-602;OTFA1;
  • Alcatel OT-602;OTFA4;
  • Alcatel OT-602;OTFA5;
  • Alcatel OT-602;TLCO1;
  • Alcatel OT-602;TLMX1;
  • Alcatel OT-602D;ALDE1;
  • Alcatel OT-602D;ALRO1;
  • Alcatel OT-602D;ALRU1;
  • Alcatel OT-605D;ALLK1;
  • Alcatel OT-605D;D3IN1;
  • Alcatel OT-605D;VPLK1;
  • Alcatel OT-606;OPNC1;
  • Alcatel OT-665;ALFR1;
  • Alcatel OT-665;ALRU1;
  • Alcatel OT-665;AVCO1;
  • Alcatel OT-665;CECO1;
  • Alcatel OT-665;CJUS1;
  • Alcatel OT-665;EKES1;
  • Alcatel OT-665;OPNC1;
  • Alcatel OT-665;RGDO3;
  • Alcatel OT-665;TBUS3;
  • Alcatel OT-665;TGMX1;
  • Alcatel OT-665;TLCL3;
  • Alcatel OT-668;ALRU1;
  • Alcatel OT-668;AVCO1;
  • Alcatel OT-668;BFAU1;
  • Alcatel OT-668;EKES1;
  • Alcatel OT-668;OBGB1;
  • Alcatel OT-668;RGDO3;
  • Alcatel OT-668;TLMX1;
  • Alcatel OT-668;TLUY1;
  • Alcatel OT-668;TNHU1;
  • Alcatel OT-668;UFMX1;
  • Alcatel OT-668;VRGB1;
  • Alcatel OT-710;ALCL1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;ALDZ1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;ALES1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;ALGH1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;ALMU1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;ALRO1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;ALRU1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;ALUA1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;AVUY1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;BFCL1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;C6AO1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;C9AC1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;C9FA1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;C9FJ1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;CFMK1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;DCFA1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;EECL3;
  • Alcatel OT-720;OTFA1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;SFRE1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;T1MG1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;TGMX1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;TLMX1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;TLPE3;
  • Alcatel OT-720;TLSV3;
  • Alcatel OT-720;TWHU1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;UFMX1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;VDHU1;
  • Alcatel OT-720;VRGB1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;ALAP1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;ALBY1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;ALDZ1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;ALEG1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;ALEU1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;ALEU2;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;ALFR1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;ALGR1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;ALKE1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;ALLK1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;ALMU1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;ALPT1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;ALRO1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;ALRS1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;ALRU1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;ALTN1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;AVCL3;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;BFBO1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;BFCL1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;C2PH1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;D3IN1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;IQCO1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;JOEC1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;LCVN1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;RGAM1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;ROLK1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;VPLK1;
  • Alcatel OT-720D;WKGT1;
  • Alcatel OT-799;TLNIB;
  • Alcatel OT-808;D3IN1;
  • Alcatel OT-810;2TBR1;
  • Alcatel OT-810;ALCZ1;
  • Alcatel OT-810;ALCZ2;
  • Alcatel OT-810;ALEU;
  • Alcatel OT-810;ALIT;
  • Alcatel OT-810;ALTZ1;
  • Alcatel OT-810;ALUG1;
  • Alcatel OT-810;O1CO1;
  • Alcatel OT-810;OBIE1;
  • Alcatel OT-810;P3PL1;
  • Alcatel OT-810;SFRE1;
  • Alcatel OT-810;TBHU1;
  • Alcatel OT-810;TGMX1;
  • Alcatel OT-810;WKGT1;
  • Alcatel OT-810D;2TBR1;
  • Alcatel OT-810D;ALAP1;
  • Alcatel OT-810D;ALEU2;
  • Alcatel OT-810D;ALMU1;
  • Alcatel OT-810D;ALTN;
  • Alcatel OT-810D;ALUA1;
  • Alcatel OT-810D;LCVN1;
  • Alcatel OT-810D;RGUG1;
  • Alcatel OT-810F;2DNZ1;
  • Alcatel OT-810F;C9PC1;
  • Alcatel OT-810F;S7RS1;
  • Alcatel OT-813;AVCL;
  • Alcatel OT-813;AVNI1;
  • Alcatel OT-813;OTFA;
  • Alcatel OT-818;ALRO1;
  • Alcatel OT-818;EUCU1;
  • Alcatel OT-818;OPNC1;
  • Alcatel OT-818D;ALRO1;
  • Alcatel OT-818D;M1TE1;
  • Alcatel OT-838;ALEU1;
  • Alcatel OT-838;ALGR1;
  • Alcatel OT-838;ALIE1;
  • Alcatel OT-838;ALUS1;
  • Alcatel OT-838;AVCO1;
  • Alcatel OT-838;BGGE3;
  • Alcatel OT-838;C9PC1;
  • Alcatel OT-838;CJUS1;
  • Alcatel OT-838;EECL3;
  • Alcatel OT-838;IUUS1;
  • Alcatel OT-838;L2US1;
  • Alcatel OT-838;M9MZ1;
  • Alcatel OT-838;MWIE1;
  • Alcatel OT-838;RGAM3;
  • Alcatel OT-838;RGRE3;
  • Alcatel OT-838;RGTE3;
  • Alcatel OT-838;TBUS1;
  • Alcatel OT-838;TMPT3;
  • Alcatel OT-838;WCDO1;
  • Alcatel OT-888;AYUS1;
  • Alcatel OT-900;2TBRA;
  • Alcatel OT-900;TLBRA;
  • Alcatel OT-F101;SFFR1;
  • Alcatel OT-F101;SFRE1;
  • Alcatel OT-F153;SFFR1;
  • Alcatel OT-F153;SFRE1;
  • Alcatel OT-F262;SFFR1;
  • Alcatel OT-I888;LCMM1;
  • Alcatel OT-V155;VDES1;
  • Alcatel OT-V155;VDGB1;
  • Alcatel OT-V354;VDGB1;
  • Alcatel OT-V354;VDIE1;
  • Alcatel OT-V555;C9PC1;
  • Alcatel OT-V555;VDAF1;
  • Alcatel OT-V555;VDAU1;
  • Alcatel OT-V555;VDDE1;
  • Alcatel OT-V555;VDDE2;
  • Alcatel OT-V555;VDRO1;
Box Boxes tool updates NsPro update Samsung Tool

NsPro v6.5.5 released

NsPro v6.5.5 released with I8190 Galaxy S3 Mini Super Fast Unlock

Whats new?
-Added I8190 Galaxy S3 Mini Super Fast DIRECT Unlock
No more flash, root, etc… needed
3 Seconds DIRECT Unlock

Latest NsPro version can be downloaded from:
NsTeam Website
– From NsPro Support Area
Box Boxes tool updates Octopus Box update Octopus Samsung tool Samsung Tool

Octopus Box Samsung update v1.7.5

Octopus Box Samsung Software v1.7.5
  • SC-02E – added Direct Unlock, Read Codes, Write Firmware, Read/Write NVM.
  • SHW-M440S – added Direct Unlock (in test mode), Write Firmware, Repair IMEI, Reset Screen Lock
    (including Reset Password, Pin, Pattern, Face and Voice, Face lock).
  • SCH-N719 – added Write Firmware, Repair IMEI (MEID), Read/Write NVM.
  • GT-I8190 – added Direct Unlock, Write Firmware, Repair IMEI.
  • GT-I8190L – added Direct Unlock, Write Firmware, Repair IMEI.
  • GT-I9210 – added Direct Unlock, Read Codes, Write Firmware, Read/Write NVM.
  • GT-I9210T – added Direct Unlock, Read Codes, Write Firmware, Read/Write NVM.
  • SGH-T669 – added Read Codes, Read/Write/Repair NVM (thanks to Mr. Dr_Wolodya).
  • SGH-I997R – added Direct Unlock, Read Codes, Write Firmware, Repair IMEI, Read/Write/Repair NVM.
  • GT-E1170 – added Read Codes, Repair IMEI, Read/Write Full Flash, Read/Write EEPROM.
  • GT-E1170I – added Read Codes, Repair IMEI, Read/Write Full Flash, Read/Write EEPROM
    (thanks to Mr. vMaryus Ysmayl).
  • GT-E1170T – added Read Codes, Repair IMEI, Read/Write Full Flash, Read/Write EEPROM.
  • Added software manuals for supported phones.
  • Released some improvements to the main software.

Octopus Team gives you only top solutions for the latest models and be sure there’s gonna be more!
Also we wish you happy winter holidays, love and prosperity in a new year.

Download Octopus Box Samsung Software v1.7.5
Android Android tool China android repair tool China mobile repair tool MTK MTK repair tool

MTK Droid Root & Tools

MTK Droid Root & Tools V2.3.0
Whats new?
In version 2.3.0 with all Android v4.xx Kernel v3. normally click ROOT! C Kernel v2.6.xx only through CWM !
Instruction in pictures
Specific Phone information about:
 Hardware, Model, Build number, Build date utc, Android version, Baseband version, Karnel version, Uboot build version,  LCD driver ic, IMEI 1, IMEI 2 information & specially for Change/Replacement imei, & scatter information from file.
Root, backup, revovery
Specific service future for Root, Backup, Recover:
Backup user data and case, leave flash tool files on SD card, Super user, build.prop, delete china.
 Recover & boot to choose the boot.img file, To process file rom from flash tool, To prepare blocks for flash tool, To unpac yaffs the section, To create updates for modified recover file, also quick terminal button.
File name: MTKdroidTools_v230.exe
File size: 4.32
Link: MTKdroidTools_v230.exe

Here latest version  MTK Droid Root & Tools V2.4.6 or search by 

Box Boxes tool updates Volcano box update

Volcano box update V1.8.2

Volcano Box 1.8.2
 Whats new? & World’s 1st ADDED?
  • RDA 8851a READ INFO
  • RDA 8851a READ FLASH
  • Adjust MTK 6252 flashing
  • Adjust MTK Android flashing

Added ZTE Andriod Phones via cable

  • T60
  • v9c
Added Samsung Mobiles for ADB unlock
  • GT-I9103L
  • GT-P1010
  • GT-P7500C
  • GT-P7500M
Some important info about RDA 8851A

Delete all your readed Flash files of RDA 8851a cpu which you readed from old ver
You have to read flash file for back from this ver
Old ver readed Flash file of RDA 8851a will not work !!
You have to Select 8851A from Flash Type for work on this cpu
Format size is changed… you have to use this Format Address 3a0000 5e000

!! Caution !!

You must update your box drivers….
Open Volcano box 1.8.2
Click on Download Latest Drivers
Click on link provided there ( )
Uninstall old Drivers
Install these Drivers
This will Solve all Pinfinding & Slow working problems

Box Boxes tool updates HTI MXBOX MXEY mxkey latest mxkey setup update mxkey

MXKEY / HTI box update release V3.5 revision 2.5

MXKEY/ HTI/ MX BOX update V3.5 revision 2.5
Whats new new in mobileEx_setup_v3.5_rev2.5(20121212).exe ?
HTI ONLINE SERVICES module updated to version 2.1
– [IPHONE_CHECK] added dialog message on specific events (license expired, blocked …)
– [IPHONE_FU] countries and carriers are now sorted
– improvements to the current systems

NOKIA module updated to version 2.5
– added: XG223 phones(new Asha series) support by USB (mode: Nokia Suite)
– Normal USB(Nokia Suite) and DEAD USB(Nokia USB ROM) flashing supported
– Legacy RPL(IMEI,CCC,HWC,SIMLOCK) backup/restore supported
– added latest flash update v to setup
– minor bugfix

FIRE module updated to version 1.4
– added: Nokia schematics and SM download menu

Common changes:
– improved internal download task routine(random stop bugfix)
– minor bugfix and improvements

Nokia 309 test  flash  log
Processing MCU file: rm843__05.85.mcusw 
[XG223,XG223_V0 ALG] size: 28.91 MB
Supported Ids: 00000C2016100040
NOR page size in the phone is 128 K.
Battery voltage: 4049 mV
Waiting for USB device removal ...OK
Waiting for USB device arrival ...OK
CMT SYSTEM ASIC ID: 00000C201610004049922C09A2E184848332F200 [XGOLD 223]
CMT PUBLIC ID: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
CMT ROOT KEY HASH: 00000000000000000000000000000000
CMT ROM ID: 535882252F54C676
Using default Root Hash for XG223.
Loading CMT secondary boot code
SecondaryBoot: XG223_v11_usb2nd.fg [XG223] version: 12.30.1 revision: 4.0 size: 0x59C0
Supported Ids: 00000C2016000040, 00000C2016100040
Secondary boot loaded.
Loading CMT update server data
Algorithm: XG223_v11_usbalg.fg [XG223_V0 ALG] version: 12.30.1 revision: 4.0 size: 0x32338
Supported Ids: 00000C2016000040, 00000C2016100040
Update server code loaded.
Initializing Update Server ...
Configuring Algorithm clients...
FUR: Adding Asic CMT as client OK.
Storing certificate [NPC, CCC, HWC, R&D] ...OK
Erase size: 38.87 MB
CMT FLASH,NOR area [40000000-4003FFFF]
CMT FLASH,NOR area [47E00000-47E3FFFF]
CMT FLASH,NOR area [400A0000-4251FFFF]
CMT FLASH,NOR area [42520000-4261FFFF]
CMT FLASH,NOR area [47E40000-47F1FFFF]
Flash programming ...
CMT ISSW block sent
CMT MEMSET block sent
CMT PRIMAPP block sent
CMT LOADER block sent
CMT PASUBTOC block sent
CMT UPDAPP block sent
CMT MCUSW block sent
Programming completed in 19.158 s
Processing PPM file: rm843__05.85.ppm_x
[XG223,XG223_V0 ALG] size: 7.31 MB
Supported Ids: 00000C2016100040
Erase size: 9.87 MB
CMT FLASH,NOR area [42620000-42FFFFFF] erased in 0.001 s
Flash programming ...
Programming completed in 4.324 s
Processing CNT file: rm843__05.85.image_x_059P061
[XG223,XG223_V0 ALG] size: 43.38 MB
Supported Ids: 00000C2016100040
Erase size: 78 MB
CMT FLASH,NOR area [43000000-47DFFFFF] erased in 0.007 s
Flash programming ...
Programming completed in 26.955 s
Total time for flashing process(boot+erase+write) was 53.379 s
Waiting for device boot up ...
Device connected: nmwcdcNokia USB Phonet, PORT_ID: 97BB22D
Verifying communication to device OK.

Phone type: RM-843 (Nokia 309)
SW version: V 05.85 23-10-12 RM-843 (c) Nokia
Imei plain: 352841051xxxxx-9
Product code: 059N975
Battery voltage: 4054 mV, current: 136 mA
Language Pack:
- not available.
SLPA ver[5]: PA_SIMLOC30 (20 digit NCK)
warning: avoid SW Downgrade & manual erase to this phone !
Camera config: 115B6002005006, ver:

SIMLOCK seems to be valid
SUPERDONGLE_KEY seems to be valid

Imei net: 352841051xxxxxx
Counter: 0/3, 0/10

CONFIG_DATA: 2440700000000000
PROFILE_BITS: 0000000000000000

Box Boxes tool updates GPG industries news Volcano box update

Volcanobox main software update V1.8.0

Volcano box version update V1.8.0

Whats new? 
  • World’s 1st SPD 6803 Flash ID 00C800A1 Write Flash
  • World’s 1st SPD 6803 Flash ID 00C800A1 Read Info
  • World’s 1st SPD 6803 Flash ID 00C800A1 Read Flash
  • World’s 1st SPD 6803 Flash ID 00C800A1 Format
  • World’s 1st SPD 6530 Flash ID SG2112A Write Flash
  • World’s 1st SPD 6530 Flash ID SG2112A Read Info
  • World’s 1st SPD 6530 Flash ID SG2112A Read Flash
  • World’s 1st SPD 6530 Flash ID SG2112A Format
  • World’s 1st RDA 8851A Support
  • World’s 1st RDA 8851A REALL READ Flash Support 
  • World’s 1st RDA 8851A Write Flash Support
(Only one Type supported Rest will add in Next week)
RDA 8851A other box also can read Flash but i had tested all of boxes which can read Rda 8851A Flash file is fake… there is no data in readed file. but now we can read Real Flash file. only Coders & Few Expert Users will know what i am saying here.
Box Boxes tool updates mobile flash software Octopus Box update Octopus Samsung tool

Octopus Box Samsung Software v1.7.3! Support of S730M,E1230,M100S and more

Octopus Box Samsung Software v1.7.3
  • SGH-S730M – added Direct Unlock, Write Firmware, Repair IMEI, Read/Write/Repair NVM.
  • SGH-A777 – added Read Codes, Write Firmware, Repair IMEI, Repair BT Address, Read/Write/Repair NVM.
  • GT-B5330L – added Unlock, Write Firmware, Repair IMEI, Repair SN (thanks to Mr. GPG Guatemala).
  • GT-E1230 – added Read Codes, Write Firmware, Repair IMEI, Read/Write Full Flash, Read/Write EEPROM.
  • GT-E1230T – added Read Codes, Write Firmware, Repair IMEI, Read/Write Full Flash, Read/Write EEPROM.
  • SHW-M100S – added Write Firmware.
  • Added software manuals for supported phones.
  • Released some improvements to the main software.

To Unlock/Repair IMEI/Repair SN of GT-B5330L you need to write special firmware
“GT-B5330L_for_Unlock_and_IMEI/SN_Repair” from the Support Area.

Box Boxes tool updates mobile flash software Pin find way Pinout RX pin TX pin Volcano box update

VolcanoBox update V1.7.9

VolcanoBox 1.7.9

Whats new ?
World’s 1stNow you can use Your Volcano box as any UART & Ignition CABLE !!what does it’s means ?

it’s mean now you can use your Volcanobox as any UART Cable or any Ignition cable for Samsung , LG etc. Cables which use Resistance to short any pin to GND. let me give you example. Samsung C3303K Uart cable. this cable have 1- VCC, 2- RX, 3- TX, 4 short with 510K Resistor with pin number 5, 5- GND. as you see this cable Short 2 pins each other. this cable Short pin 5 and pin 4 with 510 K resistance,

This is Schismatics of Samsung C3303K working cable

Fig. 01

as you can see in Fig. 01 schismatics of Samsung C3303K cable it’s shot 2 pins with 510K resistor like this any cable of any BRAND which use resistance between any two pins like short GND with pin number 4 with 100K resistance or Short VCC with pin number 3 with 560K or any thing like this you can use your Volcanobox…. and No need to buy many cables….

How can i use this ?

Connect your desire phone to volcanobox
Make sure you connect your phone with correct way
Open volcanobox
Go to Detect tab
Drag and Drop your desire pinout funtion to Desire pins
for example you want to set Samsung C3303K cable for this you have to set like this
Drag and Drop Vcc to pin number 1
Drag and Drop Rx to pin number 2
Drag and Drop Tx to pin number 3
Drag and Drop REA to pin number 4
Drag and Drop GND to pin number 5
Drag and Drop REB to pin number 5
Set Resistance Value 510K
Click on set pinout
SetVolcanobox comport to your desire software like Z3x
take volcano main cable out ( mobile must be connected with cable but main cable disconnected from volcano box)
press your desire action like read info from your desire software like z3x
when your desire software like z3x says connect cable and press power
then insert main cable to volcanobox
press power button if necessary

Quick Review


This is was Example of Samsung C3303K cable… you can make any other cable such as Samsung S7070, Samsung i9250 etc…

No need to buy more cables if you have Volcanobox in your Service Center