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ATF box v10.60 new year update released

ATF “Advance Turbo Flasher” present New year update ATF v10.60 Update. That’s way now support huge model list for Nokia mobile software repair.

[ATF JTAG]* Added Lumia 525 RM-998 BOOT Repair
* Added Lumia 900 RM-808 and RM-823 MODEM BOOT Repair (Fixes “White Screen Hang”)
* Added Lumia 900 RM-808 and RM-823 MODEM EFS Repair (Fixes “Logo Hang” or “Rethink Possible”)
* Added Lumia WP8 BOOT CHECK (Reads BOOT Info from Phone)
* Revised Lumia WP8 BOOT Repair with Auto-Detect NEW and OLD BOOT Repair
* Added Cherry Mobile Flare 2X
* Fixed 610, 610C, 510 and 505 “Not Detected Timeout” problem on some PC
* Fixed Lumia 900 Counter Reset during read codes

Download Links:
Nokia Lumia Phones:
ATF JTAG AFP FILES by d18.builder – 4shared

Cherry Mobile Phones:
CHERRY_MOBILE by d18.builder – 4shared

[Infineon XG618]
* Added XG618 Decrypt PM 120 HASH for 15-Digit Phones
RM-839 : Nokia 301/3018
RM-840 : Nokia 301/3018
RM-841 : Nokia 301/3018
RM-948 : Nokia 208
RM-949 : Nokia 208 DS
RM-950 : Nokia 208
RM-952 : Nokia 515
RM-953 : Nokia 515
RM-954 : Nokia 207
RM-956 : Nokia 208 DS
RM-957 : Nokia 208

[Infineon XG110]* New FBUS Flashing Engine which allows Non-Sequenced Flash File Flashing
example: Flash only PPM or CNT or MCU

[WP7]* Added Lumia 610 NFC eMMC TP Pinout

* Added Test Mode Selection for WP8 Phones (NCSD or FBUS)
* Preliminary Support for SX-4 Authorize via Original Server for WP8 Phones
* Preliminary Support for NVI write after Authorize for WP8 Phones

[General Updates]* Complete Product Listing in Nokia.ini as of December 31, 2013)* Complete WP7/WP8 Variant Listing as of December 31, 2013

Box Boxes tool updates GPG industries news Volcano box update

VolcanoTool v2.4.5 released

GPG industries box product Volcano box present last year gift for volcano box users. This is volcano box tool v2.4.5.
Whats New?
  • MTK6572 Android add ADB backup factory file
  • MTK6572 Android backup factory file generate SCATTER file (support NAND+EMMC) ( Hot Solution )
  • Adjust MTK Android Imei Repair (new method)
  • Android tool update
  • Android tool Manual 
File name: VolcanoTool_v2.4.5.rar
Size: 151.32MB
Box Boxes tool updates Volcano box update

Volcano Box v2.4.4

VolcanoTool_v2.4.4.rar released with exclusive Android support and more.
What’s new?
  • Added Samsung Pattern Unlock into Android Tool – Non Adb Mode – No data Lost
  • Added Samsung Pin Unlock into Android Tool – Non Adb Mode – No data Lost
  • Added Backup eMMC Full Flash into Android Tool – Adb Mode –
  • Added MTK eMMC Full Flash Backup into Android tool – Adb Mode –
  • Added SPD eMMC Full Flash Backup into Android tool – Adb Mode –
  • Added New Phones for Root into Android tool – Adb Mode –
  • Improved MTK MTK6572/82 Imei Repair into Android rool
File name: VolcanoTool_v2.4.4.rar
Size: 151.50MB
China android repair tool China mobile repair tool MTK MTK repair tool

MTK Droid Tools v2.5.2

MTK Droid root & Tools v2.5.2 released
What’s new? 
  • Fix previous bugs.
  • Added fix for backup flash emmc.
Specific Phone information about:
Hardware, Model, Build number, Build date utc, Android version, Baseband version, Karnel version, Uboot build version, LCD driver ic, IMEI 1, IMEI 2 information & specially for Change/Replacement imei, & scatter information from file.
Root, backup, revovery
Specific service future for Root, Backup, Recover:
Backup user data and case, leave flash tool files on SD card, Super user, build.prop, delete china.
Recover & boot to choose the boot.img file, To process file rom from flash tool, To prepare blocks for flash tool, To unpac yaffs the section, To create updates for modified recover file, also quick terminal button.
File name: MtkDroidTools_v252.exe
Size: 7.79MB
flashing software mobile flashing software MTK MTK flasher tool MTK multi port down-loader MTK repair tool

MTK multi-port downloader tool v5.1228.00.00

Multi download tool exclusively for MTK huge size flash ic phone tablet’s flash tool, like MTK android OS phone. It was release Jul-19-2012.
Multi port download tool is a originally factory repair tool of MTK “Media Tek”. Here you can repair software Nor/Nand type ROM, update firmware, factory reset, Format etc.
File name: Multiport_download_exe_v5.1228.00.00.rar
Size: 3.75MB
Box Boxes tool updates GPG industries news GPGDragon

GPGDragon v3.37C released

GPGDragon team presents Dragon_V3.37.rar , Added cool sand support  and more.
What’s new?
  • Adjust Coolsand/RDA [Read Flash ]
  • Adjust Coolsaand/RDA CPU_ID 880A7000 CPU
  • Add Coolsand/RDA [ Format (beta) ]
  • Adjust SPD 6820/8810 Bin Flash File VMG Block Write
  • MTK 6582 Add Read Info/Read Flash/Format/IMEI Repair
  • Fix some bugs
File name: Dragon_V3.37.rar
Size: 25.2MB
Dongle Tool NCK dongle updates NCK team news

NCK dongle v14.0 released

NCK team present NCK dongle update v14.0, Now NCK dongle support Motorola unlock CNS Old/New that’s will require activation, also added free Sony Xperia huge model support for Unlock, Flash, Repair, and more…
What’s new?
Motorola Iden – US Activation Required – Contact Your Reseller For price.

• Unlock CNS Old
• Unlock CNS New
“Unlock CNS New” for:
• i296 (new v37 07-02-2010)
• All i410
• i465 (v20 and higher)
• i855e
• i412 (new Jan 2012)
• i475 (new Jan 2012, requires USB cable with 9v)

“Unlock CNS Old” for:
• i290
• i335
• i425
• i776
• i465 (V19 and older)

“Unlock CNS New” for:
• i296 (new v37 07-02-2010)
• All i410
• I465

“Unlock CNS Old” for:
• i290
• i335
• i425
• i776

SonyEricsson Xperia Flasher Free To All Dongle Users
Supported Models For Flash/Repair/Unlock:

Arc S
SE Xperia Pro
MK16a, SE MT11i
SE MT15i
SE Xperia Mini Pro
SE SK17i
SE Xperia Play
SE R800
SE Xperia Arc
SE Xperia Arco
SE Xperia Ray
SE Xperia Min
SE ST15i,
SE Xperia Active
SE ST17i
SE Xperia Ray
SE ST18i
Xperia X10 Mini
Xperia X10 Mini Pro
Xperia X8
Xperia W8
Xperia X10
Xperia X10i
Xperia X10a
Docomo SO-01B

ZTE Modems – Free To All Dongle User

MF100 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF112 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF190 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF330 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF332 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF335 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF60 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF616 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF620 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF622 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF626 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF627 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF628 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF630 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF633 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF635 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF636 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF637 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF637U – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF60 Router – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.

atf box setup ATF flasher update Box Boxes tool updates

Advance Turbo Flasher (ATF) v10.50 update released

What’s new?
Release Date: December 05, 2013
Firmware Version Required : 10.3.80
Early Holiday Updates!
Read Flash Files from your phones and share it with your Friends!

[Infineon XG110]
* Added Nokia 105 / 106 Read Flash File Directly From Phone
* Added Nokia 105 / 106 PMM Recovery via Flash Mode (Read PM via Flash Mode)
* Added Nokia 105 / 106 Custom Read Flash SPI Chip
* Added Nokia 105 / 106 Decrypt PM 120 Hash

* Now you can read MCU, PPM, CNT Files Directly from 105 and 106 Phones
via Regular FBUS Cables. For Phones with Software Problems such as HANG
and REBOOTING, you just need to Flash the same MCU Version to the phone.
You do not need to flash PPM and CNT.

[General Updates]
* Complete Product Listing in Nokia.ini as of December 05, 2013)
* Complete WP7/WP8 Variant Listing as of December 05, 2013

Android China android repair tool MTK MTK android repair tutorial MTK repair tool

MTK Droid Tools v2.5.0

Dicle_GSM present MTKDroidTools_v2.5.0.
* Running on Win 8.1
* Support MT6572 and MT6582 (already in v2.4.8b)
* Support phones MTD flash and different from the 2048/64 ratio Page/Spare. In the log window displays at a connection is an ratio. Because Spare determined intuitively, there is the probability of error definitions. Then the images will have to recompile under Linux.
* if the file system ubifs, then a warning is displayed with reference to the index page with a description of the problem.
* Cleaned checkboxes “Backup userdata and cache” and Leave “FlashTool files on SD card” (wrote about this plan recently).
* Fixed bugs found
File name: MtkDroidTools_v250.exe
Size: 9.2 MB
Box Boxes tool updates Volcano box update

VolcanoBox update 2.4.2 released

Volcano box update (VolcanoTool_v2.4.2.rar). Specially added MTK boot update (Boot v7.1324), which support MTK android 6582 flash chip phone, and more.
What’s new?
  • MTK Android added MTK6582 support(Boot V7.1324)
  • Adjust ADB clear pattern lock/phone lock
  • Adjust ADB Root, added new phones supported
Size: 150.9 MB