Android How to hard reset How to remove password SPD unlocking

How to Hard Reset, Remove password, Wipe user data on SPD android (Tutorial)

This guide is especially for safe way hard reset, pattern lock remove, pass code remove, and delete user data from SPD android SC6820 and SC8810 phones.
SPD android is a sensitive android phone, it’s chip is very lower level that’s way it’s harmful for any software damage! like phone hang on brand logo or android logo, not start or fully dead after reset, wipe data from other tool. This is a such a good tricks to repair or unlock, better then others way.
So follow safe way steps:
Extract All Downloaded File
Open ResearchDownload.exe In ResearchDownload_ver_2.9.7002 Folder
Click load Packet

Select Any of SC6820_Wipe_userdata.pac or SC8810_Wipe_userdata.pac

Click Setting

Click OK
Click Start Downloading/play
Turn Off the Phone in 5sec
Press Volume Down Or Up For Bootloader
Insert Usb Cable
Install Driver If needed
And wait
kuaiyong kuaiyong 2014 beta kuaiyong 2206 kuaiyong download

Kuaiyong 2206 beta 2014

Kuaiyong beta 2014, KYSetup_2206.exe download for support erlier iOS 7.0.4 iPhone and iPad.
Now more stable kuaiyong 2014 beta better then before Kuaiyong 2013 beta.
Kuaiyong  all versions are beta but it’s working greatly for download paid app with fully free by cracking.
Here added kuaiyong install instructions, and how to download app by using kuaiyong for non chines users.
kuaiyong beta 2014

File name: KYSetup_2206.exe
Size: 3.65 MB
SHA1 checksum: C53F8273FB2305EF9678E783261345332D62989B
Box Boxes tool updates GPG industries news Volcano box update

Volcano Box 2.5.0 released

Volcano box present VolcanoTool_v2.5.0_Full_Installer.7z released with full installer.
What’s new?
  • Added Mtk_Android_Tool in Android Tab
  • Added These Models for Service
  • OT-4030
  • OT-4030A
  • OT-4030E
  • OT-4030X
  • OT-4030D
  • OT-5020
  • OT-5020D
  • OT-5020E
  • OT-5021
  • OT-5035
  • OT-6010
  • OT-6010D
  • OT-6030
  • OT-6033
  • OT-6040
  • OT-7025
  • OT-8020
  • VF-875
  • VF-875X
  • VF-975
  • OT-997
  • OT-997D
  • OT-S500
  • OT-S600
  • OT-S710
  • OT-S800
  • OT-S810
  • OT-S820
  • OT-S850
  • OT-S950
  • ZTE V793
  • ZTE V889M
  • ZTE V807
  • ZTE Blade C
Added in Main Tab of Mtk Android Tool V1.11
Firmware Settings
Detailed info about Firmware
Enable/Disable Ver check
Enable/Disable Format Before Flash
Enable/Disable MD5 Checsum Flash Check
Enable/Disable High Speed Flash
Check for Auto Reboot after Flash
Enable/Disable Preloader Boot
Enable/Disable debug log
Enable/Disable Display Boot Info
Boot Info
Write Flash
Reset Phone

Added in Unlocking Tab of Mtk Android Tool V1.11
Enable/Disable Is phone with Dual sim
Reboot Phone in advanced Meta
Read Codes in advanced Meta
Read Code
Direct Unlock
Enable/Disable Clean Boot

Added in Service Tab of Mtk Android Tool V1.11
Format Phone ( Custom )
Read Flash ( Custom )
Dump Phone ( eMMC )
Enable/Disable UserData Read
Sinc Simlock
Imei Write 1
Imei Write 2
Imei Write 3
Imei Write 4
Enable/Disable Calculate CHK
Enable/Disable Clean Boot
Enable/Disable Sync Simlock
Read NvRam
Write NvRam

Note: Full Installer Released in PARTS ( 150 MB each )
Use 7zi