Apple Firmware IOS iOS 8 iPhone/ iPod/ iPad

iOS 8.0 Firmware released for iPhone, iPod, iPad

The Apple iOS 8.0 .iSP firmware released, iOS come out with more intuitive user experience with new iMessege and photo futures.Quick type keyboard with predictive typing, Heath and fitness apps improvement and more.

Download iOS 8.0

iPhone firmware:
8.0 (4S): iPhone4,1_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (5 GSM): iPhone5,1_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (5 GSM+CDMA): iPhone5,2_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (5c GSM): iPhone5,3_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (5c GSM+CDMA): iPhone5,4_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (5s GSM): iPhone6,1_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (5s GSM+CDMA): iPhone6,2_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (6 or 6+): iPhone7,1_8.0_12A366_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (6 or 6+): iPhone7,2_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw

iPod Firmware:
8.0 (5G): iPod5,1_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw

iPad Firmware:
8.0 (iPad 2 Wi-Fi): iPad2,1_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (iPad 2 GSM): iPad2,2_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (iPad 2 CDMA): iPad2,3_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (iPad 2 New): iPad2,4_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (iPad Mini Wi-Fi): iPad2,5_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (iPad Mini GSM): iPad2,6_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (iPad Mini CDMA): iPad2,7_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (iPad 3 Wi-Fi): iPad3,1_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (iPad 3 CDMA): iPad3,2_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (iPad 3 GSM): iPad3,3_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (iPad 4 Wi-Fi): iPad3,4_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (iPad 4 GSM): iPad3,5_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (iPad 4 GSM+CDMA): iPad3,6_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (iPad Air Wi-Fi): iPad4,1_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (iPad Air Cellular): iPad4,2_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (iPad Air China): iPad4,3_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi): iPad4,4_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (iPad Mini 2 Cellular): iPad4,5_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
8.0 (iPad Mini 2 China): iPad4,6_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw

imei imei repair Samsung Samsung Quacom Samsung software problem

How to repair 4.4.2 Samsung qualcom series IMEI

There are many problematic situation when phone  firmware version is 4.4.x. Still any Samsung repair paid or free support team can’t able to make root this version yet, thereby can’t repair imei without root. kitKat versions main problem is not able to root properly any of device by Towel root, and any other root tool still can’t able to make root this version till now.
Here the solution for Kit Kat 4.4x series such Samsung Qualcom phones. It’s available only for preroot available firmware devices. Preroot version origin release by device vendor Samsung. Check up your desire device model if available preroot version or not.
Check and download preroot firmware: CF-Auto-Root
I9505 successfully repair firmware:
Download the given file and open Odin then select preroot firmware in PDA then flash it. After finish this procedure then repair IMEI by as your Samsung support tool.
We’re support tool is Z3X, See the successfully I9505 imei repair log

Selected model: I9505
Selected port: COM165 SAMSUNG Mobile USB Serial Port
Selected port speed: 115200
Searching ADB device…
Please, allow USB debugging on phone… OK
Reading phone info…
Model: GT-I9505
Android version: 4.4.2
Product code: Not Active
Phone version: I9505XXUFNBA
PDA version: I9505XXUFNBA
CSC version: I9505OJVFNB2
IMEI: 359544057657458
Phone S/N: RF1D478W82J
Checking Super user right… true
Backuping MMCBLK… OK
Checking phone at COM165
Backuping NVM… OK
Writing data to phone… OK
Reseting EFS… OK
Rebooting phone… OK
Waiting phone…
Please, allow USB debugging on phone…
Please, allow USB debugging on phone… OK
Bypass MSL… OK
Repairing… OK
Disabling TEST mode… OK
Checking phone at COM165
Restoring NVM… OK
Reseting… OK
Repair done
Done with Samsung Tool v.17.2

After Done Wipe Ur Mobile And search network manually (one time).