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How to root Android 4.4+ by Towelroot

Android 4.4.x version various root ways most useful root way is Towel root. This tr.ap software can make root any of android 4.4.x kitkat version, While various root tools are failed to root Samsung Galaxy S III AT&T SGH-I747, Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900A.

To install and root by Towelroot:

  • Download: tr.apk
  • Install tr.apk one desire device which you wanna root.
  • Open towelroot from you device menu.
  • Click on Make it ra1n like given below, after wait a few sec to confirm gain root access.

Android Android tool Free android tool

UNI CMD Android tool v4.0

UNI CMD Commander Android Tool v4.0 Developed/Written by Mehmood riaz.
What kind it’s work for Android?
It’s a simple android repair tool, Uni Android tool v4.0 support with Samsung Galaxy model, Motorola, LG, Sony, HTC and various android models. It can make : 
  • Read info
  • Enter Fast mode
  • Enter Recovery mode
  • Enter download mode
  • Wipe data
  • Reboot device
  • Wipe data / cache in fast boot mode
  • ADB server Kill and start
  • Reset Gmail
  • Bypass pattern lock
  • Root
  • Unroot and many more.
Note: Make sure ADB driver installed.
    Official announce and feedback here: Uni-Android Tool V-4.0 by Mehmood Riaz [HOT UPDATE]
    Android Android tool China android repair tool Free android tool

    Android Utility free Sl3Cluster edition

    It’s another free Android utility V1.0 tool, Which help’s Droid device wipe, reset, restore factory settings, pattern unlock, Google account unlock, Flash android phone’s, Esey command your phone to go recover mode or download mode and much more.
    Android utility tool V1.0
    File name: Android+Utility.rar
    Size: 7.35MB
    Android tool Box Boxes tool updates Volcano box update

    Volcano box 2.2.3

    Volcano box 2.2.3 update released! This version specially for almost all android phones. Now volcano box can repair android gmail account reset without any data lost, and more exiting improvement.

    What’s new?
    in Volcano box update 2.2.3
    MTK Android BOOT Increased to WIPE data and cache
    Supported for ROOTED Android Phone

    MTK Android Increased a Reset GMAIL Account
    Support ROOTED Android Phones & Usb Debug Mode ON
    **Without DATA LOSTED
    **Supported All Most All Kind of Android Phones
    **Such has Original Samsung – HTC Etc
    MTK & SPD Phoones are TESTED

    MTK Android adjustment su/unlock
    Supported Which Phones are ADB ROOT

    Adjust MTK Android Write Flash
    Optimization of SPD Android format

    File name: VolcanoTool_v2.2.3.rar 
    Size: 119.2MB

    Android Android root utilities Android tool Root Unroot

    SuperSU update v1.51

    Android phone utility SuperSU update version released.
    Tag: SuperSU,, root file jellybean update utilities, android Super User, Update SuperSW
    What’s new and changes?
     SuperSU v1.50 released – important dev details

    Another day another update – and unless some major issues arise, quite likely the last one until September.
    The latest flashable ZIP is linked at the very bottom of the post. The Play store has also been updated, as have all CF-Auto-Root’s.
    I recommend all end-users on 4.3 update immediately, as root-app-devs will be unlikely to want to support quirks of the previous releases.
    PS the ZIP should now also be compatible with the new CM

    ARMv5 compatibility dropped

    Due to some incompatibilities in the new code for 4.3, and not wanting to create a maintenance nightmare for myself, I have dropped support for ARMv5. The last ARMv5 (and v6) compatible version is v1.45.

    It has been quite some time since the last flagship device came out running an older version than ARMv7, the small number of SuperSU users who are still using it will be unlikely to benefit (much) from further updates to SuperSU anyway.

    Sorry if this creates problems for you. I may revisit ARMv5 support when a proper 4.3 AOSP build tree is available for it.

    Proper storage mounts

    All the storage locations ( /storage/emulated/0, obb, legacy, etc) are now properly available from su. These should be the exact same storage mounts as available to the non-privileged portion of your app, and they are now mounted instead of symlinked. This should solve most (internal) storage-related issues with most apps.

    Proper mount namespaces

    Mount namespaces were brought to Android in 4.2, and are a good thing (just like all the new restrictions in 4.3 really are a good thing, even if it’s causing us some root grief at the moment).

    With the previous 4.3 SuperSU versions all root commands were executed in the same (global!) mount namespace (as if this was still 4.1). This is bad for multiple reasons. One reason is that if one su process remounted /system read-write, other processes could sneakily be writing to /system, opening a possible malware hole. Another reason is unintended interference. If you have two root apps who want to update something in /system, one could just be done (remounting the system back read-only) while the other one was still updating. The latter app will probably break in new and unexpected ways.

    In this release, su calls from Android apps under 4.3 have same mount privacy as they would have had under 4.2. As it should be!

    (Note that su calls from non-Android apps, like adb shell, share a single mount namespace)


    If you’re going to watch the number of processes running on your device, you will see several daemonsu processes. There is the master daemon, with a subprocess for every different Android app user id that uses su – and a separate one for non-Android callers -, which in turn has a subprocess for every su session (which automatically terminates). You might also see a zombie process sometimes, these are automatically cleaned up.

    The exact how and why is long and technical, but it’s needed, and these processes do not eat any resources while su isn’t being used (they’re just sleeping). On the plus side, when debugging you can easily see which su calling process is hogging all your resources, as the process name reflects this information, which will be visible in ps and top.

    Fixing internal storage issues

    If this is not your first SuperSU version on 4.3, some files on your internal storage may have the wrong permissions, which will prevent you or your apps from deleting/modifying some files.

    This can be fixed pretty easily, but you need to install busybox first, as toolbox’s builtin chown command does not recursive directories. Once busybox is installed, this will fix the problem (run from terminal, adb shell, etc, as long as you have a su # prompt):

    busybox chown -R 1023.1023 /data/media/*

    – Daemon: proper storage mounts
    – Daemon: per-uid mount namespace
    – Daemon: another exitcode issue fix
    – Daemon: adjusted reload code
    – Daemon: descriptive process names
    – GUI: added reboot advisory after binary update
    – ARCH: Only ARMv7 and X86 are now supported, ARMv5 dropped
    – ZIP: install also to and init.d


    Sucre: Google pulse user Chainfire

    Android Android tool China android repair tool factory rest

    Android ToolKit TnDroid light released

    TnDroid Light developed by ip4tnsn0w make you easy ways to repair, The most popular Android oS reset, unlock recover boot.
    Specific service
    Reboot in recovery mode,
    Reboot in boot loader,
    Reboot in download mode,
    Direct reboot,
    Reset user lock,
    Reset Gesture lock,
    Reset Gmail/patter lock,
    Reset face lock,
    All data will be permanently erase with no chance to recover,
    Note: Must need USB debugging enabled.
    How to Android USB debugging enable.png
    File name: TnDroidLight.rar
    Size: 1.12MB
    Android Android tool China android repair tool MTK MTK repair tool

    MTK Droid Root & Tools update V2.4.6 release & download

    MTK droid root and tool is easy tool which help you for chines droid / Android smartphone’s detailed hardware information. and easy replace imei, root, unroot backup, recovery etc.
    What’s New?
    in MtkDroidTools_v246.exe
    supported and tested models.
    and more improvement and bug fixed.
    mtk droid tools, droid root & tool, mtk android repair tool
    MTK Droid & Tools V2.4.6 snapshot
    File name: MtkDroidTools_v246.exe
    Size: 7.09 MB
    Android Android tool flash software for mobile flashing software Hard reset Pattern unlock tool phone repair software Unlock tool

    Android tool V1.0

    Android / droid tool V1.0 by Dawood1208.

    Tags: android tool, droid reset tool, android app installer, droid offline app installer, wipe tool.
    What’s new?
     in AndroidTool.rar
    By Dawood1208
    Last Version is 1.0


    Added :

    • One click

    Start/kill Adb server
    List Devices
    Reboot Go Recovery
    Go Download
    Wipe Data in Adb/Fastboot Mode
    Remove Password (Root Needed)
    Remove Pattern (Root Needed)
    Remove Gmail Account (Root Needed)

    • Zip Flasher Select Zip File And send automatically to sdcard And Send phone to Recovery Mode With instructions 
    • App Installer (one click) Select apk file and it will install
    • Utilities Full Key Tool ( Usefull incase your phone button not work :-O 

    Root Checker
    Permission Fixer

    • File Manager Shows All installed Apps
    • Flasher (Fastboot Mode) One Click Flash splashHbootRecoveryRadio
    • Added 10 Different Themes.

    File name: Android Tool.rar
    Size: 13.14MB
    Link: Android+Tool.rar

    Android Android tool Galaxy S series How to remove password Pattern unlock tool phone repair software Samsung Samsung Tool

    Samsung Galaxy Young tool V1.01

    Jurassic Samsung android galaxy young tool is free and it’s make you easey for Remove pattern lock for android, how to sim unlock a phone, & also works for relock, how to reset password for your galaxy y if duas or Singale sim both phone are suuport with this software.
    Samsung Galaxy Y droid tool download here: SamDroid.rar

    Samsung Galaxy Tool tutorial:
    1. Connect your Galaxy phone by USB to Computer/laptop
    2. It’s easey to use by simple mouse click, mainly what you want to do? follow under snapshot photo to confirm it.
    Samsung Galaxy Young tool

    This software Created / Programmed by bojs
    Android Android tool China android repair tool Hard reset How to hard reset How to remove password Ice cream sandwich root procedure

    How to hard reset Symphony Xplorer / W90 series

     Symphony Smart Phone is most popular in Bangladesh so that’s for our this tutorial, Here you learn about How to hard reset your Symphony Xplorer and W160, W21, W22(3G), W22(2G), W31, W32, W35, W65, W65i, W66, W68, W68Q, W69, W70Q, W71i, W72, W82, W85, W92, WZI, WZII,  W125, W150, W71, W128, W140, W100, W90, W50, W25, W15, W15i, W16(3G), W16(2G),   W12,  W10, W5 series android phones hard reset. This solution also work for repair pattern many attempts unlock, Code unlock, Google account problem, Password forget, Set hang restart etc.

    So lets follow under instructions to go hard reset method,

    1. Set power off (while is it on)
    2. Press power on button,
    3. Press Select button and then press Volume plus(+) + Volume mines (-) button and keep hold until recover screen show on display. (Both button need to be press and hold at the same time).
    4. If you seen under screen menu, then choose “- wipe data / factory reset” navigation key use by volume up and down button.
    5. Then Select (- reboot system now). (by 6. no menu list)

    Now  your mobile successfully restored like factory state.