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Samsung Custom binary blocked by frp lock solution

We got found many complains case for FRP blocked problems, So in that case this post may help whom still needed for solution to fix Samsung upcoming models and current FRP supported android phone or tablet device. Trying to flash or update device into download mode, they getting this message “Custom binary blocked by FRP lock“.

Samsung custom binarry blocked by FRP Lock solution is given below:

  • If you are owner of the device or you know it’s security lock, then go to>Settings >Accounts then remove all google account before flashing.
  • Turn off the phone press and hold POWER+Volume UP key before recovery mode. Once recovery mode comes then chose “Rebote to FastBoot mode” option then try here Android-kkc-Fastboot-Reset-tool.
  • If you don’t know the device security locks and second step is not working then search a COMBINATION rom for your desire device, then flash it. Once flashing complete after go to >Settings >Turn on Developer option & USB debugging. Then follow ready made solution like Z3x, Octoplus, Chimera etc boxes.

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    Android Bypass Activation Android Lolipop Factory Reset Protection (FRP) Samsung

    Samsung Factory Reset Protection bypass (100% Working Solution)

    Factory Reset Protection “FRP” for Samsung  newly released Android Lolipop 5.0,  5.1.1 higher galaxy phone comes out with Find My Mobile option. That’s why first time used Google mail id verify that this owner of the phone.

    Your phone reset or flash after you’ve seen:

    Samsung Factory Reset Protection locked

    This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device.

    Lets follow the below steps: 

    1. Phone powering on and locked situation
    2. Download frpbypass.apk
    3. Copy frpbypass.apk in a pendrive or sd card
    4. Connect this into the locked device via a OTG cabel
    5. Get opened your external storage and install frpbypass.apk
    6. Get successfully installed this application and then restart.
    7. Then get Samsung Android mobile prepare like brand new condition.
    We own bypass tricks is  free and we are tested few of SM series and SM-G531H. you can try this way first time it’s may work similar model. Other FRP locked model also bypass able with paid service activation or boxes software which also comes with FRP 

    Here also paid service available for following models:

    A800I, G9200, G9208, G9209, G9200A, G920AZ, G920D, G920F, G920FD, G920FQ, G920I, G920K, G920L, G920R4, G920P, G920S, G920T, G920T1,G920V, G920W8, G9250, G925A, G925D, G925F, G925FQ, G925I, G925J, G925K, G925L, G925R4, G925S, G925T, G925V, G925W8, G925Z, G9280, G9287, G9287C, G928A, G928C, G928F, G928G, G928I, G928K, G928L, G928P, G928S, G928T, G928W8, N9200, N9208, N920A, N920C, N920F, N920G, N920I, N920K, N920L, N920P, N920S, N920T, N920W8, A800F, A800IZ, A800S, A800YZ, G150N0, G150NK, G150NL, G150NS, G155S, G361F, G361H, G361HU, G531F, G531H, G531M, G903F, G903M, J110M, J200BT, J200F, J200G, J200GU, J200M, J200Y, J500F, J500FN, J500G, J500H, J500M, J500N0, J500Y, J700F, J700H, J700M, N910K, N910L, N910S, T350, T355, T555, T555C, T715, T715C, T715N0, T715Y, T810, T815, T815C, T815N0, T815Y, T817, T817W.