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Best 5 cell phone flashing software and free download (2019 updated)

Flashing software is important to flash stock ROM, upgrade device firmware, When phone getting stuck or bricked, needed to Flash stock recovery, Flash custom recovery, Flash kernel, Gain root access by flashing root firmware or package.

Most of the mobile manufacturing company releases official mobile flashing software. But, our discussion is all about the third-party free flash tool including 3uTools, Antroxyde, Odin, SP flash tool etc.

Undoubtedly, some of them are doing very well than root producer companies. As well as They are not only limited in mobile flashing but also release various important services like Data transfer from both computers and the mobile phones, Switching to another phone service, Backup and Restore facilities, Unlock screen locks and repair various system issues etc.
But, some of the features add cost. Actually, offering their other paid product and services are not out of their term and policies. On the other hand, there are tools that offer their software services for no cost(Free). Some of the unofficial organizations are providing services for money which requires to have their desire box or dongle to use their flashing and unlocking software tools. However, We will discuss in depth about this topic by releasing a new post. Let’s check out below and keep reading to know further:


iDevice multi flashing futures
3uTools Apple iDevice multiflash futures

One of the Best all-in-one IOS operational tool. 3uTools software fairly provides everything free including professional flashing and managing data of iPhone services. It’s the tool that you can manage iPhone, iPad and iPod files and data management, Update, Restore, Activation, Check iCloud status, Detailed Apple device specifications Jailbreak and much more. See their official descriptions and downloads here.

3utools apple device specification
3uTools generates the Apple device’s clear real-time specification


Samsung flash tool
Odin3 v3.13

This is the most common Samsung flashing tool, There is no history of Odin flashing software authority, Kinda weird happening by releasing regular updates. But it’s trustworthy and you can read more about it here and download Odin flash tool.

SP Flash Tool

MediaTek Flash tool
SP Flash tool

One of Most popular brand MediaTek’s SmartPhone and Tab flashing tool. The mid-budget or cheap price budget Smart Phone and tab has MediaTek Flash chip. You probably needed you are using within this phone, f someone needs to flash his own phone is chipset is MediaTek. That’s I’m talking about it’s an important part.

ResearchDownload tool

Research download tool
Research download tool

Research download tool is one of the best official SPD device flashing tools ever. Mostly low-cost phones come with SPD chipset, and its users need sometimes to flash, update or restore the previous state to skip user lock etc. So Research Download tool will help you to above maintenance.

Androxyde Flash tool
This is a Sony Flasher tool and it’s totally free and open source flash tool. Also, they support free Sony FTF firmware files from own host. You can check out firmware from here. Download Sony flash tool from here.

Caution currently special warning for C4, C5, and m5 users, due to bugs may happen in flasher tool So you can follow the authority guidelines.

The disclaimer notes: The flashing or software update procedure may accidentally dead your phone. In this case, we are not liable for any injuries on your phone. We recommend you that do the proper study before flashing or update, downgrade your phone.

Flash tricks How to flash mobile flashing software SPD Spreadtrum flashing procedure

How to Flash SPD Smart Phone

How to flash SPD Spreadtrum SmarPhone/Non smartphone. Flashing procedure with Research Down loader R2.9.7002.
Lets follow few easy steps:
2. Extract and open it, and select desire handset PAC file like this. Note: Pac file can be found on search by your desire model.
3. Go to Settings- and don’t change anything on main page.
4. Tab to go Calibration and un-tick all look like given below. After tick finish.
5. Re-insert battery or power off phone. Then Hold Volume down + Power key at the same time for 5 Sec then insert USB cable on PC.
6. Press Start button on ResearchDownload
7. Wait until finish.
flash software for mobile Flash tricks How to flash Nokia

Nokia 108 rm-944 Flash/Format guide includes pinout for Volcano Box user

Nokia 108 RM-944 is MTK chip phone, So this phone is support for repair software with Chines Boxes which it’s support added. Yes this phone now support with Volcano Box, Look inside for pin-out both USB and RX, TX transmission.
  • Cut any Nokia USB cable sold wire on board
  • Update USB driver and do it
  • or Use Nokia 108 cable
Nokia 108 pinout
Successful done
Boot key Box China mobile repair tool Flash tricks Tricks

China mobile phones boot key information

China phone software repair like Reading phone info, Flash, Unlock, Re-lock, Code reset/Unlock, etc. Sometimes need press boot key for USB to enable software repair supported flash chip/IC’s phone. It depends on manufacture, models Flash ic’s Example: Walton, Micromax, Symphony, Karbon, Qmobile, and more. and there manufacture several models.
Here below noted boot key suggestion may work for around all chines MTK, SPD, MStar, Coolsand chip series phone. Make sure to use correct cable/Jig then try boot key. by one after one. Make sure even only one key work for boot. So try below boot key use one key step after failing then try next boot key.
Boot Keys
1. Power button
2. Home/Menu key
3. Call key,
4. Camera button (when camera button on phone)
5. 5 key
6. * key
7. # key
Example: you want to read the info, click (read info) button then release boot key.
Flash tricks Galaxy S series Galaxy S3 mini repair How to flash Octopus Samsung tool Samsung

How to flash Galaxy S3 mini / I8190 by Octopus box

How to flash I8190 by Octopus
Here this successful flash tutorial for Galaxy S3 mini I8910. Follow under step by step procedure’s.
  1. Select model I9300
  2. Need to be firmware convert (Example file:- I8190XXALJL_I8190OXAALJL_380934_DBT_root.MD5) Then click (FIRMWARE CONVERT) button from Octopus box software Samsung software. Then Select Flash file PDA to .MD5 file
  3.  Then Selected firmware this 2. convert file: I8190XXALJL_I8190OXAALJL_380934_DBT_root.oct
  4. Now Switch your phone to the download mode and connect it with PC.
  5. To put GT-I9300 phone into download mode you have to perform the following steps:
    1. Reconnect phone battery.
    2. Press and hold “Volume – ” + “Home” + “Power” buttons.
    3. When phone turns on press “Volume+” button.
  6. Then tick write firmware

How to samsung mobile flash, Octopas success ful flash, Galaxy S3 mini flash, Samsung mobile flash tutorial, I8190 flash,
Screenshot of Successful flash via Octopus box
Here success Logs 
Firmware write started.
Writing Kernel section…
Kernel section has been written successfully.
Writing CACHEFS section…
CACHEFS section has been written successfully.
Writing HIDDEN section…
HIDDEN section has been written successfully.
Writing Modem section…
Modem section has been written successfully.
Writing STEboot1 section…
STEboot1 section has been written successfully.
Writing STEboot2 section…
STEboot2 section has been written successfully.
Writing SYSTEM section…
SYSTEM section has been written successfully.
Firmware writing successfully completed.
Box Boxes tool updates Firmware flash software for mobile Flash tricks flashing software Miracle MTK SPD

Miracle 1.32 update release


Truly for China Mobile
[25th Nov 2012]

Version :
[ 1.32 ]

Description :

1.MTK Fix 6250D(625A) bug for writing.
2.SPD update finding unlock method.
3.SPD add new flash IC.
4. SPD add 8810/6820 to Repair IMEI and format.
5.SPD support COM port to Repair IMEI.
6.Firmware updated.
7.Fuzzy Logic Function Improved.

Box Boxes tool updates Flash tricks flashing software Octopus Box update Octopus Samsung tool Tools

Octopus Samsung Software v1.7.0 release

 Octopus Samsung Software v1.7.0 – 500 supported models reached

  • SGH-I317 – added Direct Unlock, Write Firmware, Read/Write NVM.
  • SGH-I317M – added Direct Unlock, Write Firmware, Read/Write NVM.
  • SGH-I757M – added Direct Unlock, Write Firmware, Read/Write NVM.
  • SGH-T879 – added Direct Unlock, Write Firmware, Read/Write NVM.
  • SGH-T889 – added Direct Unlock, Write Firmware, Read/Write NVM.
  • SGH-T889V – added Direct Unlock, Write Firmware, Read/Write NVM.
  • GT-B5330 – added Unlock, Write Firmware, Repair IMEI, Repair SN.
  • SGH-A767 – added Read codes, Write Firmware, Repair IMEI, Read/Write/Repair NVM.
  • GT-I9305 – improved Unlock procedure, added Read/Write/Repair NVM.
  • GT-I9305T – improved Unlock procedure, added Read/Write/Repair NVM.
  • GT-N7105 – improved Unlock procedure.
  • GT-N7105T – improved Unlock procedure.
  • GT-E2220 – improved all operations.
  • Released some improvements to the main software.
  • Added Software manuals for supported phones.

Note: To perform Unlock/Repair IMEI/Repair SN procedures for GT-B5330 it is necessary to write special firmware
“GT-B5330_for_Unlock_and_IMEI/SN_Repair” from the Support Area.
To perform Repair IMEI procedure for SGH-A767 it is necessary to write special firmware
“SGH-A767_for_IMEI_Repair” from the Support Area.

Box Boxes tool updates Firmware flash software for mobile Flash tricks Galaxy S3 mini repair NsPro update Samsung Tool

NsPro v6.5.2 released

GT-I8190 Galaxy S3 Mini Unlock by NsPro

First In The WORLD!!!
Added i8190 Galaxy S3 Mini support:
– Unlocking, IMEI repair
(no root required)
– Flashing, Read/Write EFS, Read/Write PIT

-Added I547, T869, T879 support.

-Added IMEI repair for S5830, B6520, B7330, B7350, I5500, I5510, S5570, S5660, S5670.
-Added support for new security on S5360, S5839i.

Is highly recommended to use latest NsPro version!

Latest NsPro version is available for download:
– On NsTeam website: : : NsPro Downloads: :
– On NsPro support area

Box Boxes tool updates flash software for mobile Flash tricks Samsung Samsung Tool Z3X

Samsung Tool 13.3 Update

Samsung Tool 13.3 Update.
Z3X samsung box Update.

SGH-I757 support (direct unlock. flashing)
SGH-I757M support (direct unlock. flashing)
GT-I9305 support (direct unlock. flashing)
GT-T889 support (direct unlock. flashing)

More and more hot updates on the way.
Every week updates mode started, or may be every 3days?
z3x going to be hot and hot.
New innovation on the way.

China mobile repair tool Flash tricks Pin find way Pinout RX pin TX pin

Easy way to find RX TX pinout beginner tricks special for china phone

Disassemble the phone and check PCB for the RX TX points..

If you not found a RX TX on PCB you have to check voltages on USB connecter for find the RX,TX. check this example.

Explain to find pinout on 12 pin usb connector.

1. At first, you need to find GND signal (3pin-00.2v)

2. The second step: you need to find Tx Rx signals. Choose the pinouts, that may probably suit. You have 12 pinouts:

1pin-0.00v – this pinout is wrong
2pin-2.78 – it may correspond to Tx Rx signals
3pin-00.2v – GND signal
4pin-2.75v – it may correspond to Tx Rx signals
5pin-1.09v – LOOKS LIKE Tx Rx signals, BUT IT IS NOT!
6pin-0.00v – this pinout is wrong
7pin-4.02v – this pinout is wrong
8pin-2.89v – it may correspond to Tx Rx signals
9pin-3.05v – this pinout is wrong
10pin-0.00v – this pinout is wrong
11pin-1.09v – it may correspond to Tx Rx signals
12pin-0.02v – YOU DON’T NEED these fake signals with high and low voltage

3. In order to find Tx you need to put multimeter to test, diod ( “+” and “-” = beep ).
When the phone is POWERED ON, Tx with GND make a sound beep.
When it is TURNED OFF, it shows 600-700 ohm.

It is suggested to do all the job using wire connection.

After following the above mentioned steps you’ll find, that 2pin is Tx and 8pin is Rx. Tx has to be 1.7v or 2.7v and Rx – 1.8v or 2.8v. These characteristics may change depending on the processor parameters. But Tx and Rx is not the same. Tx can be 2.78v, 2.75v, 2.7v.