Android Hard reset How to hard reset XOLO Q800

How to Hardreset XOLO Q800

Xolo Q800 Hard Reset way, for Remove pattern lock, Phone unlock, Google account ask remove or software bug problem repair etc.

Xolo Q800 hard reset below the steps:
1. Power off phone or reinsert battery.
2. Press and Hold Volume UP+Power button. (until show the “Android system recovery” menu).
3. Now phone will show recover menu.
4. Use volume Up/Down to select “Wipe data / Factory reset”
5. Then select “Yes”, and done.

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Android tool V1.0

Android / droid tool V1.0 by Dawood1208.

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What’s new?
 in AndroidTool.rar
By Dawood1208
Last Version is 1.0


Added :

  • One click

Start/kill Adb server
List Devices
Reboot Go Recovery
Go Download
Wipe Data in Adb/Fastboot Mode
Remove Password (Root Needed)
Remove Pattern (Root Needed)
Remove Gmail Account (Root Needed)

  • Zip Flasher Select Zip File And send automatically to sdcard And Send phone to Recovery Mode With instructions 
  • App Installer (one click) Select apk file and it will install
  • Utilities Full Key Tool ( Usefull incase your phone button not work :-O 

Root Checker
Permission Fixer

  • File Manager Shows All installed Apps
  • Flasher (Fastboot Mode) One Click Flash splashHbootRecoveryRadio
  • Added 10 Different Themes.

File name: Android Tool.rar
Size: 13.14MB
Link: Android+Tool.rar

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How to hard reset Symphony Xplorer / W90 series

 Symphony Smart Phone is most popular in Bangladesh so that’s for our this tutorial, Here you learn about How to hard reset your Symphony Xplorer and W160, W21, W22(3G), W22(2G), W31, W32, W35, W65, W65i, W66, W68, W68Q, W69, W70Q, W71i, W72, W82, W85, W92, WZI, WZII,  W125, W150, W71, W128, W140, W100, W90, W50, W25, W15, W15i, W16(3G), W16(2G),   W12,  W10, W5 series android phones hard reset. This solution also work for repair pattern many attempts unlock, Code unlock, Google account problem, Password forget, Set hang restart etc.

So lets follow under instructions to go hard reset method,

  1. Set power off (while is it on)
  2. Press power on button,
  3. Press Select button and then press Volume plus(+) + Volume mines (-) button and keep hold until recover screen show on display. (Both button need to be press and hold at the same time).
  4. If you seen under screen menu, then choose “- wipe data / factory reset” navigation key use by volume up and down button.
  5. Then Select (- reboot system now). (by 6. no menu list)

Now  your mobile successfully restored like factory state.

factory rest Hard reset How to remove password Samsung

How to Hard reset / Factory reset Windows mobile Samsung i637

You’re password forget want to unlock remove password or you’re Phone turn slow or face any setting are missing this dose not matter lets follow our simple procedure.
Phone on with hold power button and 5 button until to come Format Menu, any way need specific help follow under photo.

Select what you want Press the 1 key  for Master Clear or or Press 2 key for Master Reset at the Format Menu screen then press the Y key for Yes N key for No at the confirmation prompt

Note: Your phone will be lost any type of data example: Contacts, Media File, Calender, etc.

Hard reset Motorola

How to Hard Reset Motorola Droid

 How to Hard Reset & remove password your Motorola Droid

  To perform a hard reset on your Motorola Droid, perform the following steps.

  1. Turn off the Droid. If you are unable to turn off the Droid, remove the battery for 10 seconds, then replace it.
  2. Open the physical keyboard and press the X key while pressing and holding the Power Button. The device will turn on, keep holding these two buttons until a yellow triangle appears.
  3. Press the Volume Up and then the Camera button at the same time to get a menu to come up. You may have to press them more then once.
  4. You have now entered Recovery Mode.
  5. Use the Directional Pad on the Physical Keyboard to select the Format option.

This should perform a factory reset of your device. You will of course lose all data. Please exercise caution before doing this without a backup.

  • Note: Contacts, etc. should be backed up to the cloud, so you should be safe with your address book.
Hard reset Samsung

OmniaLITE B7300 Hard reset

  1. Turn off the phone
  2. press LOCK key (on the right side phone)
  3. keep pressed LOCK key and press LEFT key under LCD (green earphone)
  4. keep pressed LOCK key and Left key and turn one the phone
  5. keep pressed this 3 keys until You see on LCD question about FORMAT
now release all keys
 to do format press LEFT key under LCD
to quit press RIGHT key under LCD


Hard reset Samsung

Samsung GT-B7510 Galaxy Pro Android Hard Reset

Samsung GT-B7510 Galaxy Pro Android Hard Reset

Press & Hold The “Power/Lock Key” & “T/3” Key Of The Qwerty Keyboard At The Same Time Until The “Android system recovery <3e>” Menu Shows Up.

Use The “Volume Key” To Scroll Down & Select “wipe data/factory reset”.

Press The “Home Key” To Proceed To The Next Confirmation Step.

Use The “Volume Key” Again To Scroll Down 7 Times & Select “Yes — delete all user data”.

Press The “Home Key” To Perform Hard Reset. After 2 Or 3 Seconds It Will Show Data wipe Complete.

All User Data Will Be Removed And The Device Will Be Restored To Manufacture Default.

Press The “Home Key” To Reboot System Now.

Hard reset Nokia

How to hard reset Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800 How to hard reset press button with picture tutorial