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How to all model Blackberry phone’s password restore & Restore factory settings

 Follow under steps for rest Blackberry password & factory reset also you will know more about information.
File name: jl_cmder v1.9.3.rar
 Connect bb data cable first then
Open JL_Cmder
and then press any key example: Enter
Press no then your password will be disable from your Blackberry phone.
Press Y then you be choice d for Enter a new password or change manual.
Type what you choice your password, example: we type 11220, password will be sown on JL_Cmder down screen, You confirm after press enter then you be finish password season.

Also you can know basic info about from your Blackberry phone for type 1

Press 2 for Event log
Press 3 for Screenshot
Press 4 when you want to like erase all data from your phone press Y or press N to don’t want erase 
 press 5 for rest factory you Blackberry this oparetion to will be fully rest phone also be password rest
Note: This means your phone’s all data will be erase. So make sure before do this.

Blackberry factory rest How to Blackberry format Tips

How to Blackberry format/factory rest

Steps to wipe it are firstly
Go to options——->security options———>general settings——–>press the bb button and click wipe handheld———>tick off third party applications if you want to loose them all——->click continue and get type able season just type: blackberry and hit the enter button and the blackberry will now reset and reach factor state, then don’t touch any key on phone your phone will be automatically full format.
Note: Lose any type of external data will be delete example: Contact no., Application, phone memories media store, Notes, Calender, etc to your phone so you need when any data so we tell backup first your choice data.