Flash tricks How to flash mobile flashing software SPD Spreadtrum flashing procedure

How to Flash SPD Smart Phone

How to flash SPD Spreadtrum SmarPhone/Non smartphone. Flashing procedure with Research Down loader R2.9.7002.
Lets follow few easy steps:
2. Extract and open it, and select desire handset PAC file like this. Note: Pac file can be found on search by your desire model.
3. Go to Settings- and don’t change anything on main page.
4. Tab to go Calibration and un-tick all look like given below. After tick finish.
5. Re-insert battery or power off phone. Then Hold Volume down + Power key at the same time for 5 Sec then insert USB cable on PC.
6. Press Start button on ResearchDownload
7. Wait until finish.
flashing software mobile flashing software MTK MTK flasher tool MTK multi port down-loader MTK repair tool

MTK multi-port downloader tool v5.1228.00.00

Multi download tool exclusively for MTK huge size flash ic phone tablet’s flash tool, like MTK android OS phone. It was release Jul-19-2012.
Multi port download tool is a originally factory repair tool of MTK “Media Tek”. Here you can repair software Nor/Nand type ROM, update firmware, factory reset, Format etc.
File name: Multiport_download_exe_v5.1228.00.00.rar
Size: 3.75MB
mobile flash software mobile flashing software Samsung Tool Z3X

Samsung Tool 13.9 released

Z3X-Box Samsung Update. Samsung Tool 13.9 released. New platform added 
Samsung Tool 13.9 Update. First in the World.
Some hot solution is ready for our customers.
No any addition activation, no any credits system.
Enjoy with z3x-team/box

New phones added:GT-B5330 full support* (direct code reading, unlock/imei repar) – first in the world
GT-S5301 full support* (direct code reading, unlock/imei repar) – first in the world

Small surprise:
We present full support for new platform spreadtrum based phones like usualy first in the world:

GT-E1280 full support (flashing, direct unlock, read codes, imei repair, backup/restore security) – first in the world
GT-E1282T full support (flashing, direct unlock, read codes, imei repair, backup/restore security) – first in the world
GT-E2200 full support (flashing, direct unlock, read codes, imei repair, backup/restore security) – first in the world
GT-E2202 full support (flashing, direct unlock, read codes, imei repair, backup/restore security) – first in the world

Added some addition function for already supported phones:
– GT-S7560 imei repair*
– GT-S7562 master/slave imei repair*
Small cosmetic changes in GUI.
* root need.

atf box setup ATF flasher update Box Boxes tool updates flash software for mobile mobile flashing software

ATF Lumia WinPhone 8 Support – v9.22 Update

[9.22 AUTO UPDATE – December 1, 2012]

1. Added NV Item FULL Read and Write for WinPhone 8 Devices
2. Fixed INVALID VID/PID pairs when scanning older WinPhone 7.x Devices

Get it Fresh from the AutoUpdate Server!

[9.21 AUTO UPDATE – November 30, 2012]

1. Bug Fixed on Scanning Simlock NON-LOCKED or DEVKIT WinPhone 8 Devices
2. Better RAM Allocation for Loading 1GB FFU Flash Files for WinPhone8

Get it Fresh from the AutoUpdate Server!


Introduing The Lumia Windows Phone 8 Module v1.0

Current Windows 8 Phones:
Lumia 920 – RM-820, RM-821
Lumia 810 – RM-878
Lumia 820 – RM-824, RM-825
Lumia 822 – RM-845

Full Product Firmware Flashing via USB Connection with valid FFU Signed Images
Supports Live Phone, DEAD Phone and RED Phone* Flashing
Full Product Info Reading including Lock Status and Original Provisioner Settings
Variant Information displayed during Live Phone Scan
Phone Type will now be Automatically Selected after Live Phone Scan
Ability to Switch from NCSD Mode to Test Mode aka FBUS MODE
–> In FBUS MODE, Self-Tests and Some Scan Phone Items are available.

TIPS for Working with Windows 8 Phones:
1. Holding the POWER BUTTON for 12 Seconds will force a phone reboot to Normal Mode
2. Holding the POWER BUTTON and VOLUME DOWN BUTTON until a short vibration will force phone into FLASH MODE
3. Always make sure you have more than 50% Battery Power before you flash the Phone.
4. After the phone is flashed, ALL USER DATA is ERASED! Make sure to Backup Phone Data before flashing.

[Windows Phone 7.x]
Variant Information now displayed during Live Phone Scan
–>This is useful for knowing Original Provisioner of the Phone aka NETWORK LOCK
Phone Type will now be Automatically Selected after Live Phone Scan
–> Correct Flash Files will also be selected if available

[Infineon XG213]
Decrypt PM 120 Hashes for LBF of XG213 Based Infineon Phones
Show Infineon XG213 Keypress and FBUS Counters
Reset Lock Counters for XG213
XG213 Send 15-digit or 20-digit Code via FBUS Frame
LBF Files SKIP SAVE if 20-digit or Phone does not accept NCK Input
Automatically Backup XG213 Certificates in Plain RPL Format during Prior to Flashing
XG213 Write RPL Certificates
Show Second IMEI Info for Dual Sim Phones (Scan Phone and Backup RPL)
Fixed “Quick/Shortcut Erase” Bug when flashing “Contact Service” Phones

[Infineon XG223]

Fixed XG223 RPL Certificate Backup Sizes (Asha 308, 3080, 309 and 3090)
Enabled XG223 Write RPL and Custom Fash Chip Erase Address
Show Second IMEI Info for Dual Sim Phones (Scan Phone and Backup RPL)

[General Updates]
New ATF Box Signed Drivers for 32/64 Bit Windows XP, 7 and 8
New BB5 Flash Loaders
New WinUSB Lumia Drivers (Supports Windows 8)
New Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver (Supports All Current Nokia Phones)

[User Requests]
Angel – Product Type (RM-XXX) now saved in PM and PP Backup Filenames

RED Phone – Phone is showing a dark RED Tint with NOKIA Logo Only



Box Boxes tool updates flash software for mobile Flash tricks flashing software Infinity Box Mo mobile flashing software

BEST v1.50

BEST v1.50 Free/Standalone SL3/SL30 SimLock Recovery and more
Hi all, new version of BB5 Easy Service Tool is ready!

BEST v1.50 Free/Standalone SL3/SL30 SimLock Recovery and more!

– USB flashing improved – (WP) Lumia flashing improved
 – Service operations improved
 – SL3 SImlock Extraction/Recovery now Free and Standalone!
 sl : Added support for new types sl : SimLock verify improved
 sl : SPR reading improved
 sl : some old rapido extraction was broken since from v1.46, fixed
 sl : SimLockCode extraction improved
 sl : Speed up of extraction
 sl : SimLock complete improved in some damage cases
 sl : Save SimLock in RPL and PM formats – User Data operations improved
 – SMS extraction from S60vX/S^3/Anna/Belle improved
 – Other – Some bugfixes – Ini updated

SL3/SL30 Simlock Recovery notes :
No need much words and explains,
just : 1 button, no levels, no worries, no waiting, no credits, no internet, not depend on repartition.
Time to extract : 5-30 seconds.
And It just work as should

Boxes tool updates Cyclone mobile flashing software

CycloneBox Reloaded Launched and new Installer v1.20

Cyclone Box Reloaded
Some More Basic Information :

– USB Bus powered only, 5V @ 500mA (2.5W)
– USB 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 Compatible
– Supported Operating Systems: All NT based Windows OS (including x86 and x64 platforms – drivers signed for 64bit) – this includes Windows NT, Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and upcoming
– Lightweight construction
– No Smartcard Connector
– Nokia Flashbus / FBUS RJ48 connector with TX and RX signalling LED. Pinout is UFS/JAF compatible (no need adapters anymore, plug it straight).
– Based on well-tested AVR32 technology in Cyclone Classic, powered by 66MHz 32bit RISC cpu
– Built-in VPP generator for old NOR based phones
– USB signalling led (USB transaction signalling)
– VBAT singalling led (power-up status of Flashbus port)
– Works also as USB dongle for USB-only operations, if USB connectivity with Nokia phones is needed
– Operates 100% standalone (after initial registration)


New CycloneBox Installer v1.20 (03.05.2012)

Things which introduced in new Version

– New Faster and reliable Hw introduced (Cyclone Box Reloaded)
– New Loaders v11.50.00 added
– FastMM v4.99 Introduced
– MEP-40488-004 added
– Xgold113 (Dual-sim) RPL write support added- Project completly refactorized from scratch. Compiler changed from obsolete Delphi7 to Delphi2007. Just because of this, lots of stability and speed improvment gained.
– “News” added in main window
– “New Super Easy Downgrade” BB5 method added (Backup,flash,downgrade,restore rpl all just in one click)Tick in before-flash tasks
– Added Windows 7 interactive progressbar when minimized to tray. When software is minimized, you will notice status of current job: green progressbar – working, red progressbar – error, yellow-paused, etc
– Boot recovery added for all boxes during box wizard
– Added COD->NCK verification upon data generation
– After COD->NCK calculation, NCK codes are automatically stored inside COD file
– New Paths is now addded to default Flash Path Search table (C:UsersxxxxAppData… etc)
– Box wizard Added; this is all-in-one tool which will: repair, upgrade, activate, register, bootloader recovery, smartcard refill, bootloader upgrade, etc your box. Just one click.


– No need anymore to tick “Old USB flashing method” manually, it’s detected automatically
– When Windows 7 is detected, software is not hidden to tray
– Bootloader reverted to v2.13 (temporary solution, v3.01 will get back soon)
– Automatic smartcard refill when empty addded
– Software is redesigned now. To gain full funcionality YOU DON’T NEED run as “Admin”. This means you can be ensured about our software quality and security – no hidden trojans (as happened before with other products).
– Splash updated
– Box Registration module removed (box wizard introduced)
– Box Maintenance module removed (box wizard introduced)
– Card Maintenance module removed (box wizard introduced)
– The paths is now updated on each sw startup
– Only one copy of Cyclone Box application can be launched now, this improves stability
– “cyclonebox.dll not found” message when no drivers installed changed to suitable message box asking to connect your box first time and install drivers
– Skin Stack Updated to v7.62

Bug Fixes

– Windows7 Permission issues fixed (needed “Run as admin” to work properly with autoupdate)
– Fixed Windows7 Save Paths/Settings problem
– BB5 loader problems when skin enbled (ROM refused…etc)
– Access violation on exit fixed
– CBUS Lost Handle Fixed
– “cyclonebox.dll not found” message when no drivers installed changed to suitable message box asking to connect your box first time and install drivers
– libeay/ssleay libraries updated to latest one, much more fast and stable
– NCK Code Sending fixed for SIMLOC30 phones (0x01 error)
– Fixed tray issues
– Autoupdate code is now checking for installed installer, if obsolete then asks for download latest version
– Improved RPL backup in USB mode (Custom Loader didn’t reset phone to FlashMode, and some backups did contain Superdongle/Simlock data only)
– XGold/Blackberry Service “Credits” renamed to “Counter” (because it is a counter, not real fee-credits), as it puts too much confusion
– “security problem #1” solved on those who copied cyclonebox.dll before
– Fixed interrupted auto-update problems (after restart – this is not valid Win32 application)
– Minor changes and bugfixes

Important Notes

1. If you are using old (Classic) Cyclone Box and having old Card serial number (2009,2010) and after latest
bootloader upgrade, your box can’t enter into bootloader mode, your box boot need Recovery. This will be proceeded AUTOMATICALLY, just use Box Wizard.
2. Box Maintenance, Box Registration, Card Maintenance are removed from this release
3. Your box having 3 update credits from now
4. Box Firmware v02.01 is required, so this update could be operational
5. Use “Box Wizard”. This is one-click tool for box repair (boot recovery), upgrade, activation, registration, smartcard upgrade/initialization, and so on.
6. If you are using Windows 7, autoupdate in old version may fail (fixed already). In case download installer directly, or run SW with Admin privileges.
7. ALWAYS fresh installer you could find at:
Click here <====== Installer
Click here <=========Mirror
8. Autoupdate after updating EXE should ask you for downloading and installing latest installer. If something will fail during Autoupdate process, just look at 7 and download Installer manually.

Installer: Click here
 Mirror: Click here
flashing software mobile flashing software Volcano box update

Volcano Box V1.1.7

What is volcano

Whats New!!

1.Optimize 6800H Write Flash
2.Optimize MTK,SPD Detection
Volcano V1.1.7 also will update firmware

for most of 6800h dead phones can be Write to normal with the 3 baut-rate 921600, 460800,115200.we’ve tested dozens of phones



File name: VolcanoTool_v1.1.7.rar
Size: 10.92 Mb (11,451,726 b)
flashing software mobile flashing software mxkey latest mxkey setup mxkey update update mxkey

MXKEY flashing software update v3.5 revision 1.9

v3.5 revision 1.9, Public-Release

  • added: Option to disable USB host warning message

  (Options->General Settings, check “Do not show USB HCD Error Messages”)

  • added: USB Device List window

  (Sys Menu->USB Device List)
  Usefull to diagnostic USB Host and Hub capabilities

Nokia Tool
  • added: XGold 213/XMM2130 hash reading by USB
  implemented to regular nokia module and SL3 Logger
  • added: XGold 213/XMM2130 IMEI,CCC,HWC and SIMLOCK backup/restore
  • added: XGold 213/XMM2130 rpl recovery with HTI (Services->IMEI & Security->IMEI rebuild, check  “Dead Mode(Recovery)”)
  • added: XGold 101,XGold 110 hash reading with HTI  implemented to regular nokia module and SL3 Logger
  • added: XGold 101,XGold 110 rpl recovery with HTI (Services->IMEI & Security->IMEI rebuild, check “Dead Mode(Recovery)”)
  • added: WP7 host drivers to “datadriversnokiawpWMZuneSerUSB.inf”
  used to working with Lumia(no need to install Zune)
bugfix: FireAgent hung on loading empty packages
improved: Dead Mode WP7 flashing routine
  • added: Latest flash update version “”  
    File name: mobileEx_setup_v3.5_rev1.9(20120329)_6.exe
    Size: (68 MB)
    Link: Download mobileEx_setup_v3.5_rev1.9(20120329)_6.exe from