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VolcanoBox update V1.7.9

VolcanoBox 1.7.9

Whats new ?
World’s 1stNow you can use Your Volcano box as any UART & Ignition CABLE !!what does it’s means ?

it’s mean now you can use your Volcanobox as any UART Cable or any Ignition cable for Samsung , LG etc. Cables which use Resistance to short any pin to GND. let me give you example. Samsung C3303K Uart cable. this cable have 1- VCC, 2- RX, 3- TX, 4 short with 510K Resistor with pin number 5, 5- GND. as you see this cable Short 2 pins each other. this cable Short pin 5 and pin 4 with 510 K resistance,

This is Schismatics of Samsung C3303K working cable

Fig. 01

as you can see in Fig. 01 schismatics of Samsung C3303K cable it’s shot 2 pins with 510K resistor like this any cable of any BRAND which use resistance between any two pins like short GND with pin number 4 with 100K resistance or Short VCC with pin number 3 with 560K or any thing like this you can use your Volcanobox…. and No need to buy many cables….

How can i use this ?

Connect your desire phone to volcanobox
Make sure you connect your phone with correct way
Open volcanobox
Go to Detect tab
Drag and Drop your desire pinout funtion to Desire pins
for example you want to set Samsung C3303K cable for this you have to set like this
Drag and Drop Vcc to pin number 1
Drag and Drop Rx to pin number 2
Drag and Drop Tx to pin number 3
Drag and Drop REA to pin number 4
Drag and Drop GND to pin number 5
Drag and Drop REB to pin number 5
Set Resistance Value 510K
Click on set pinout
SetVolcanobox comport to your desire software like Z3x
take volcano main cable out ( mobile must be connected with cable but main cable disconnected from volcano box)
press your desire action like read info from your desire software like z3x
when your desire software like z3x says connect cable and press power
then insert main cable to volcanobox
press power button if necessary

Quick Review


This is was Example of Samsung C3303K cable… you can make any other cable such as Samsung S7070, Samsung i9250 etc…

No need to buy more cables if you have Volcanobox in your Service Center


China mobile repair tool Flash tricks Pin find way Pinout RX pin TX pin

Easy way to find RX TX pinout beginner tricks special for china phone

Disassemble the phone and check PCB for the RX TX points..

If you not found a RX TX on PCB you have to check voltages on USB connecter for find the RX,TX. check this example.

Explain to find pinout on 12 pin usb connector.

1. At first, you need to find GND signal (3pin-00.2v)

2. The second step: you need to find Tx Rx signals. Choose the pinouts, that may probably suit. You have 12 pinouts:

1pin-0.00v – this pinout is wrong
2pin-2.78 – it may correspond to Tx Rx signals
3pin-00.2v – GND signal
4pin-2.75v – it may correspond to Tx Rx signals
5pin-1.09v – LOOKS LIKE Tx Rx signals, BUT IT IS NOT!
6pin-0.00v – this pinout is wrong
7pin-4.02v – this pinout is wrong
8pin-2.89v – it may correspond to Tx Rx signals
9pin-3.05v – this pinout is wrong
10pin-0.00v – this pinout is wrong
11pin-1.09v – it may correspond to Tx Rx signals
12pin-0.02v – YOU DON’T NEED these fake signals with high and low voltage

3. In order to find Tx you need to put multimeter to test, diod ( “+” and “-” = beep ).
When the phone is POWERED ON, Tx with GND make a sound beep.
When it is TURNED OFF, it shows 600-700 ohm.

It is suggested to do all the job using wire connection.

After following the above mentioned steps you’ll find, that 2pin is Tx and 8pin is Rx. Tx has to be 1.7v or 2.7v and Rx – 1.8v or 2.8v. These characteristics may change depending on the processor parameters. But Tx and Rx is not the same. Tx can be 2.78v, 2.75v, 2.7v.

Box Boxes tool updates China mobile repair tool MTK Pin find way Pinout RX pin SPD TX pin

China mobile How to boot with RX, TX pinout jumper

Here we make solution for how to Boot chines MTK, SPD base band chips mobile repair by RX and TX pin, and it will support for Flash, Unlock, Security code read, Imei repair etc. China flash box support: Miracle box, Volcano box, GPGDragon box, China king box, Avatar box, IQ Doctor box, Super Doctor Box (MTK-BOX), Mastertools box, Scorpion Box, UCT (Universal China Tool) by ET, McnPro Box,
T-box of this service This method will give you very fast, and smoothly repair solution & don’t need to be cry for break USB connector, base kit. Just find your mobile body where is RX & TX pinout then jumper it to under listed way.

Take a additional JIG from your box’s jig bundle like under 1st photo.RX, TX PIN, Manual Pinout, China RX TX pin out, Auto pinfind, rx tx jumper ways,
Choose like this JIG
RX, TX PIN, Manual Pinout, China RX TX pin out, Auto pinfind, rx tx jumper ways,
Jumper it as same as this jig otherwise you can make jumper any where in this jig pin but must want to be jumper up-down pin because 1st will be work for RX and 2nd TX.

RX, TX PIN, Manual Pinout, China RX TX pin out, Auto pinfind, rx tx jumper ways,
Jumper like this way where is your RX, TX pin in the board just jumper it.

If your mobile phone RX/TX pin out print break? follow here our previous tutorial for how to find RX TX in mobile pcb: Easy way to find RX TX pinout beginner tricks special for china phone

Note: Know about your box / software are available for auto pin-find options now Miracle, Volcano, GPGDragon & China king box support & tested by Mobile Point team, Other-wish you be fail.