Apple Firmware IOS iOS 8 Jailbreak Release notice update notice

Apple iOS 8.1.2 restore privilege stopped for iPod, iPad, iPhone

This message for apple Jailbreak user and crack unlock users. Appple no longer sign for restore iOS 8.1.2, So be aware don’t update your iDevice to newer version or current iOS8.1.3 if you want jailbreak or patch unlock. Because still not any team can’t able to jailbreak earlier version. Once again so take extra care to update your iDevice.
iOS 8.1.2 message, apple
iOS 8.1.2 message
iOS8.1.2 now jailbreak able via Tiag or PP.
Infinity Box Nokia Nokia best tool Nokia flash tool update notice

Infinity Nokia Best tool update V1.66 released

Infinity best Nokia  best tool update InfinityBox_install_BEST_v1.66.rar released and available for download
Link: infinityBox_install_BEST_v1.66.rar

Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.66 released

– USB flashing improved
XG618 flashing support released (Dead/Normal)
XG223 flashing improved (Asha OS)
XG213 flashing improved
AfterFlash operations improved

– Service operations improved
XG618 support released – all service operations, including LT edit, Counter reset, FS format and, PM/PP operations and e.t.c.
WP8x RPL operations improved
WP8x NV operations improved
XG213 RPL operations improved: Asha 210 and same supported
XG618 Flash Reading released
XG618 RPL operations released: Read/Write full RPL (NPC/CCC/HWC/SimLock/CMLA/DRM)

– User Data operations improved

– XG618 support released
XG618 : PhoneBook read/write/extraction
XG618 : Gallery extraction
XG618 : Calendar/Notes read/write/extraction
XG618 : SMS/MMS read/write/extraction
XG618 : MMC password read/write/extraction
XG618 : Added support for S4pb PhoneBook cross-writing

– XG618 User Data extraction released (PhoneBook, Gallery, SMS/MMS, Calendar/Notes)

– Added XG618 Forensic
PhoneBook extraction from totally damaged memory
Extraction of deleted PhoneBook records

– S60 Symbian 9.x PhoneBook extraction from dump improved (Normal mode)

– Improved S60/UIQ Forensic
Improved support of big phonebook entries (was errors on dumps with more than 3000-5000 records)
Added support for Nokia APE dumps (with spare or clear dumps)
Added support of memory dumps from some SE and Samsung, based on Symbian UIQ
Allow extract phonebook from Nokia APE based and other UIQ phone dumps (need read dump from flash memory with external prog)

– Improved S40 Forensic
Added some XG213 and BB5 new firmware types
Improved accuracy

– S40 PhoneBook engine re-written. Support all existing S40 generations (Direct mode)

– Improved S40 Gallery extraction from flash

– Initial support of Asha OS platform added

– Other:
Released XG213, XG618, XG110 language info extraction during file selection (as for BB5 S40)
Improved XG223 language extraction
Flash File checking improved for BB5/XG products
Ini Updated and revised
Fixed some other problems

– New module released: – Series 40 Content Tool (xCntTool)
Tool usage: Making custom image files with preloaded content, provider settings, own content, clean images and etc.
– Allow Extract/Repack images for all XG213 phones
– Allow Extract/Repack images for all XG618 phones
– Allow Extract/Repack images for all xsr BB5 phones
– Allow Extract images for XG223 normal phones
– Allow Extract images for Asha OS phones
Extracted image – simple ISO file, can be edited with WinImage, UltraIso and etc.
Image can be packed back to flash file after editing and then can be flashed back to phone.

Box Boxes tool updates Download Samsung Tool update notice Z3X

Samsung Tool 14.9 update release download

Today we present next step of OneClick imei repair and Network repair exclusive soltuion, some of them like usual exclusive and first in the words.

New phones added to ZRoot: GT-i8552, GT-I8550, GT-I8550L
– Samsung GT-N7100 addition support (Onelick imei repair solution(10 second), Network repair solution,)- first in the world
– Samsung GT-P5100 addition support (Imei repair via USB cable only*, Network repair* )without patched firmware – first in the world
– Samsung SC-04E added (read codes, direct unlock)
– Samsung GT-i8552 support (direct read codes, unlock, imei repair, flashing,autoroot, network repair) – first in the world
– Samsung GT-i8550L support(direct read codes, unlock, imei repair, flashing,autoroot, netwok repair) – first in the world
– Samsung GT-i8550 support (direct read codes, unlock, imei repair, flashing,autoroot, network repair) – first in the world
– Samsung GT-N8020 addition support (imei repair, network repair)
Changed unlock algo for S6810, S6810L, S6810P


Box Boxes tool updates China mobile repair tool mobile flash software update notice Volcano box update

VolcanoBox V1.6.7 release

VolcanoBox ver 1.6.7 SPD Android Imei Repair Supported & more SPD Imei repair

Whats new?

  • Modify SPD IMEI Tool
  • added SPD USB mode operation for repair imei
  • SPD USB IMEI Supports for these
  • World’s 1st Android 8810
  • World’s 1st Android 6820
  • 6600L
  • 6610
  • 6620
  • 6530
  • 6800H
  • 8800G
  • and almost all SPD phones
Apple iPhone 4s IOS 6 iPhone iPhone 4 iPhone 5 Jailbreak Tips update notice

iPhone 4, 4S, 5 iOS 6 jailbreaked by @chpwn

It took 1 day for Grant Paul (chpwn) to jailbreak iOS 6 !!
chpwn posted some screen shots for his jailbroken iphone on iOS 6 here they are:
Twitter / chpwn: Some people wanted the bottom …
Twitter / chpwn: Here
We will update while more available.
iOS 5.1 iPhone Tips update notice

iOS 5.1 Finally Ready for Release

MacRumors reports today on a story on Chronic Wire that says that iOS 5.1 has finally passed Apple’s quality assurance testing standards, and can now be released publicly. According to Chronic Wire, iOS 5.1 is now at gold master stage, with 9B176 said to be the final build, and the one that will be released to the public. It is thought that the QA phase occurred over the past three weeks, with both Apple and its carrier partners working to pinpoint and iron out any possible bugs in the software prior to releasing it to the public.
Also reporting on the story, 9to5 Mac says that it has been hearing “whispers” about expanded Siri integration, including more devices, and maybe even the Apple TV Remote app. They say that we may learn more about this tomorrow during the iPad launch, especially if Siri is going to be integrated into the new iPad.

Source: Testing on iOS 5.1 Golden Master Reportedly Complete Ahead of iPad 3 Launch – Mac Rumors

Note by Mobile point team: This ios5.1 third party release so you own at-risk for do this.

Author: spyridy